Metroid Dread Special Edition Is Sold Out Due To Scalpers

Being a collector of special editions has its ups and downs, like when you're faced with fighting scalpers over limited special editions. But that's exactly what's going on with a certain Metroid Dread special edition and it stinks.

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Army_of_Darkness83d ago

Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft have yet to learn their lesson. They should go half and half and do it the old-fashion way by selling it in store and not entirely online! 😑😕

Pyrofire9584d ago

Yay! Crappy people win again. /S

MetroidFREAK2184d ago

I was lucky enough to get an order of the special edition from Target and amiibos from Best Buy...

Vegamyster84d ago

I didn't even hear that they went on sale here in Canada, i was at work and they were all sold out by the time i got off the same day it was announced, i fluked out when someone posted a link to Amazon Japan on twitter which had them the next day. Regardless it'd be nice if companies in general prioritized long time account holders/subscribers with a limited amount and did raffles like shoe companies do so the average person has a better chance, you can't compete with these bots.

Inverno84d ago

It's time to stop online preorders, make these things I'm store only! It's become an unnecessary problem and I'm the end it's not getting into the hands of the people who actually want these things.

Yui_Suzumiya84d ago

Also limit how many can be purchased at once!!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.