Nintendo Rumours | Blue Dragon DS, Space Channel 5 Sequel & More...

The rumours from the latest issues of popular US publication Electronic Gaming Monthly have now been revealed. Whilst there is talk of another Square Enix MMO based on the Final Fantasy universe for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, plus news of Tekken 6 being pushed back to 2008, Nintendo fans are likely to be more interested in these morsels:

- There is a possibility of Mistwalker bringing a DS spin-off version of its Blue Dragon RPG from the Xbox 360;

- Q Entertainment's Mizuguchi-san is busy at work on a Space Channel 5 successor, with the platform currently unknown;

- EA is readying a children's version of Madden to widen the already booming American Football videogame market;

- To tie-in with the Indiana Jones film in 2008, there will be a new game released.

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PS360WII4901d ago

It does seem that DS is the new RPG getter ^^

Madden for kids... isn't it that way already?

Also who isn't ready for a new MMORPG to jump into right when it starts?! (I know me specially seeing that it's Square Enix) but that will probably be maybe another 2/more years till then ><

UrbanJabroni4901d ago

Given that there are 8 million people playing WOW, the question is whether or not the market can support another MMO at this time. I, along with IGN and 1UP, say no, unfortunately. I just don't see another MMO becoming viable until WOW slows down, and given the records the expansion set along with a promised expansion every year, it won't anytime soon.

Odiah4901d ago

Rumours bore me, especially these ones.