PS5 owners can now buy another PS5… thanks to Sony

UK PS5 owners can apply for second console directly from sony online - as long as you have an active Psn account.

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DeusFever90d ago

You can also order a 2nd PS5 from Sony in the United States. I just got a random e-mail from them. Didn’t have to apply like I did with launch PS5.

ABizzel189d ago

I got the invite and didn't even know it lol

Snookies1290d ago

Kind of stupid if you ask me... With so many people still struggling to secure even one console. Now they're letting these people get a second one too?

SlothLordPootus89d ago

Hypothetically, I'd rather they go to consumers who can sell them to friends instead of to scalpers. That's what I'm doing, and I know 3 more people who want them, so keep em coming.

alb189989d ago

Isn't more logical to give the chance to the ones who have PS4?
When I see comments like yours is when I confirm that some on n4g has problems with their brain.

SlothLordPootus89d ago

@alb1899 Wow, that's a pretty rude comment holy shit.

I kind of assumed that they were extending the invite to playstation users in general, as that's what happened with the first invites. If it's just PS5 owners, then yes, I think they should expand it to PS4 users.

jjb198189d ago

I did this exactly for my buddy. He was one of the struggling gamers trying to find one and now he has a PS5. He was considering XStock and told him to hold out and three days later I received the email from Sony.

Gravesinger_89d ago

What makes you think those who already have a PS5 won't sell them at a marked up price? Not everyone is YOU, what a dense comment lol

PrimeVinister89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

Exactly. If your account is signed in and playing PS5 everyday then they can be fairly sure it's not a scalper.

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InUrFoxHole89d ago

Agreed. I have 1, why not give others the green light. Unless their mindset is you're securing one for a friend. Let's be honest here. The likelihood of a Sony gamer knowing another Sony gamer is pretty damn high.

S2Killinit89d ago

I believe this means they are now allowing a second console. But that doesnt mean first time buyers cant buy directly from them. Supply must be speeding up and they know that first time buyers who waited to purchase a second PS5 are real consumers. Most of the time they are trying to secure a second for a sibling etc. (as opposed to a bot that will not purchase from Sony directly because they would be limited to 1 console)

DJStotty87d ago

No it means exactly what it says on the tin, it is easier to get a PS5, if you already own a PS5, than it is if you do not have a PSN ID.

Newcomers will still have the same constraints.

S2Killinit87d ago

No it means it is easier t get a PS5 if you have a PSN account. Lets not get silly here.

SOAD112289d ago

I have one from the first round of invites. I got a second invite and bought one for my buddy that can’t find one. Not everyone is greedy

SullysCigar89d ago

This is how I see it too. Better to give opportunities to gamers than bulk scalpers wherever possible.

S2Killinit89d ago

This is exactly what I was saying above, not sure why I got disagrees. Your purchase is linked to an account which means you are not a bot. So if you want another, it most likely means you are getting for someone. I think it makes sense.

Snookies1288d ago (Edited 88d ago )

Yes, and that is a great way to go about it. However, not everyone is going to do something like that. A lot of people are just going to buy an extra... Just to have an extra. It's an issue when they're allocating consoles to people who already have one. When there is already a huge shortage as is. It just doesn't make sense at all.

Tacoboto89d ago

I've got one and have been on the lookout for friends and coworkers. I guess Sony thinks positively of their actual users' intentions.

nickanasty20689d ago (Edited 89d ago )

I have multiple PS5's that I actually use. One for my PC setup, one for my living room TV, and one in my gaming room. As it is not easy to secure PS5, if you stay on top of your game and subscribe to the correct discord channels it is possible to get a PS5, you just need to be on top of your game for the drops. Most people aren't willing to put in the effort it takes to secure them, because ngl, it is a pain in the ass still.

Kavorklestein89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

On top of your game? What does that even mean? Most people here have tried for more than half a year.
And, Who has time for that?
Scalpers need to be stopped more than anything. They are the problem. And companies are the problem. Just let people with actual PSN /PS+ Accounts with a life of 2+ years sign up and get on a waiting list.
Then, at least more of the actual GAMERS who deserve it, will be getting consoles, instead of nobodies who know an adderall addicted guy named Casey who has bots scalping and have 5+ PS5'S on hand.

Rimeskeem89d ago

There is a better chance that they will have a friend who will buy it from them at least. Weird that they don't just sell the console to PS4 owners though.

ArthriticPowers88d ago

Kinda.........Jim's the man! Hired to go undercover by Phil himself

Pixelift88d ago

There are many who still want one. There are also many who already have one. On my friends list alone, I have more people with PS5‘s connected than PS4s.

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Sciurus_vulgaris89d ago

I think a reference program for accounts linked to an active console would be better. Such a system would be good for buyers that actually want to game.

sourOG89d ago

They sent me an email about the new controllers. I bought a black one directly through them. I had no trouble getting a ps5 at launch, the charging station and a black controller. I’m happy with how Sony went about all of this shit.

sourOG89d ago

Got the black controller in like 2 days 👌Sony

Hellcat202089d ago

I got this same email
I figured it was a mistake
I don't need another ps5
Happy with one for now

Popsicle89d ago

Same here. I will wait for a Pro model if there ever is one, but I don’t need 2 OG PS5s

Brutus8388d ago

See if you have any friends who want one and do them a solid!

DJStotty87d ago

Just take advantage and get another and sell it marked up, that is what the majority will be doing with this.