Atari VCS Review

The Atari VCS tries to do some interesting things but ultimately fails as a console and a PC alternative. It sets out to do some interesting things, but it doesn't do anything unique, and it doesn't do anything well. It definitely doesn't justify its price tag.

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Elda636d ago

LOL! I figured it would be a waste of money especially for the asking price.

_SilverHawk_636d ago

I cant wait to add it to my collection. Hopefully I can get a good deal on it

XxINFERNUSxX636d ago

If you want Gamers Nexus review from a few months back:

Aloymetal636d ago

DOA and soon to be MIA...

meganick636d ago

It’s as if Atari releases bad consoles on purpose.

Chocoburger636d ago

If nothing else, par for the course, eh?

CrimsonWing69636d ago

Higher score than I thought it would get, honestly.

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