Why Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora Had to Be a Next-Gen Only Game

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora will be Ubisoft's first new-gen-only game – we spoke to its developers to find out why it demands next-gen hardware to run.

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isarai89d ago

Well i mean, it's an open world game where you can fly, the SSD and CPU in these next gen systems make that inherently easier beyond compare, it just works. No need to stress, crunch or have excessive R&D to get it to work, the hardware will do all the work for them. Something the last gen games wont do without seriously downgrading everything.

SoulWarrior87d ago

But I thought everything could scale.


ArthriticPowers87d ago

No just primarily certain aspects of graphics. Game design decisions will always be limited by hardware.

CrimsonWing6987d ago

Why does anyone need to explain why a game is next-gen only!?

Vits87d ago

I would assume that we are at that point in the generation where there isn't really much going on with the newer consoles. So people are trying to find things to validate their existence.

What is rather dumb if ask me. As that is going to happen eventually anyway.

CS787d ago

Year 1 in the PS3/360 generation brought us:
Modern Warfare
Mass Effect
Assassins Creed
Ratchet and Clank Future
Halo 3
Half Life Episode 2

All of which were “next-gen exclusives”.

Its reasonable to expect a console to have games that utilize its power.

Last gen is holding back games from their full potential and its a shame.

InUrFoxHole87d ago

Yeah but you have to consider the following question: why in the world would companies loose out on all that $$$? Especially since there is a massive shortage of consoles.

CS787d ago


This generation is the fastest selling generations of consoles ever. There were much less PS3/360s relative to the launch time frame.

Yes scalpers are a problem, but MANY gamers have nex-gen consoles.

Why would they lose out on all that $$$? Same reason they did in every gen before. There is a balance between profit and a good product. Sacrificing the product for profit eventually backfires. A mindblowing GOW experience would sell PS5s for many years to come. A middling one would be nice but wouldn’t be the reason to own a PS5.

Also, I don’t think the losses would be that high.(I could be wrong here…) Many PS4s are COD+FIFA machines. The people who buy games like GOW and Horizon would damn well have a PS5 by 2022. There is also a subset of people who may buy a PS5 in 2023 would want a “nex-gen” GOW/Horizon experience, not something built to run on a 2011 designed console and polished up to bring it into the decade.

masterfox87d ago

wished to be excited for this game, the trailer looks beautiful and definitely next gen, but since this is a Ubisoft game I lost all trust for them for obvious reasons, will have to wait until they release the game to see if they really changed.

RPGer86d ago

Don't really understand the downvotes. Literally since Black Flags, Ubisoft couldn't deliver a single fun to play with great storyline game. It's all mediocre and repetitive titles as:

Watch Dogs trilogy
Far Cry
The Crew
Assasin Creed
And whatever else were boring amd lost potentials.

gobluesamg86d ago

They are disagrees, as in people don't agree with the opinion that Ubisoft hasn't had any quality of fun games since Black Flag. I gave you a disagree as well. I had many hours of fun in the several of those games.

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