Returnal, Demon's Souls, Spider-Man in PS5 Weekend Sale

Sony’s dropped a surprise PS Store sale for some of the PlayStation 5’s biggest games, including Returnal, Demon’s Souls, and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Scheduled to run until 28th June, the promotion sees Housemarque’s roguelite reduced to £52.49/$49.69, which represents a 25 per cent saving. FromSoftware’s cult action RPG is also temporarily £52.49/$49.69.

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FallenAngel198492d ago

Finally time to get Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Highrevz91d ago

£52 is still pretty high for a game that’s on sale but it’s a bigger discount then Nintendo offers on there games.

Robodrake91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

(taking into consideration your pathetic comment history) What the hell is the point of this comment? WOw yOu JuSt deStRoYeD SoNy dUde

It's just on sale for a weekend. Calm your tits. This doesnt mean the games are selling poorly, kid.

Silly Mammo91d ago

You're right. The X's exclusives are still selling strong. Ms doesn't need to put them on sale. Oh! Wait...

InUrFoxHole91d ago

No it didn't. The way I see it is.. if you're not hell bent on day 1, then you can hold out so $70 isn't an issue for you. Also who doesn't like to save $$$ on bangers. Hope sony comes up with a service to rival gamepass. They have the titles for it.

Highrevz90d ago

You got more chance of Sony making a decent Multiplayer game and that’s unlikely.

Atticus_finch90d ago

People need to stop pretending that psnow doesn't exist. The only benefit for gamepass is day one exclusives that most people don't want to own hence why they're day one. Even ps+ has given me a better library that GP.

Or more chances of Xbox selling you a free to play game with ugly graphics.

ElvisHuxley90d ago (Edited 90d ago )

Didn't take long for this comment either. Not sure how it's relevant though, perhaps if PS5 and PS5 games weren't selling like hotcakes, there would be something negative to extrapolate from it, but alas this is not the case. From what I can see, it looks good for Sony and gamers alike.

InUrFoxHole90d ago

Agreed. I don't think sony has ever had a problem selling games especially 1st party

brewin90d ago

I think it's good that they're putting their games on sale already. No reason to keep the prices artificially High. Sony has always been good about putting stuff on sale in a reasonable time frame.

John_McClane90d ago

I never said it was a bad thing.

brewin90d ago


No, but you said that it didn't take long. Well, the console launched in Nov 2020, it's been 7 months and this is the 1st I've seen most of these go on sale. Id say that's long enough, and why not throw the newer ones like Returnal on sale too, maybe sell a few extra copies 🤷 I can also see them dropping Ratchet and Clank down to $50 soon as well. I don't like the $70 price tag, but $50 is more digestible and reasonable for a lot of people.

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Gaming4Life198191d ago

I might get Returnal, I always wanted it but I was not paying $70 for it or any game. Is it multiplayer?

UnSelf91d ago

yeah it is. Your friend can play as the gun and fire whenever he wants against your will

njitram200090d ago

That actually sounds like an interesting coop idea. Has that not been done before? One controls the movement, the other the gun? Reminds me of the IGN Linked Together series.

stupidusername90d ago

Mario Galaxy did it on the Wii. The second player pointed the star cursor and could shoot enemies and collect stuff on the screen, while the first player controlled mario.

CobraKai90d ago

In a Demon Souls way it is, but not multiplayer in the traditional sense of teammates fighting next to you. The isolation is part of the atmosphere.

Chevalier90d ago

Returnal is fantastic! I just finished my first play through and am going for the true ending now. Really unique game with some cool weapons

Robodrake90d ago

No, it is not a multiplayer game, thank goodness.

NeoGamer23290d ago

I went out and supported the game about a week or two after release by buying it full price. Personally, I enjoyed it, but I do like rogue-like games to start with.

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Tacoboto91d ago

And Spider-Man Remastered is still probably the full $20 upgrade, and is still only able to be purchased through the SM:MM start menu. Beyond stupid

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