Unreal Engine 5 fascinates with a photorealistic forest. This is what the next-gen games look like

Epic Games provided developers with early access to Unreal Engine 5, but we have to wait for truly next-gen productions using the potential of technology. Currently, we can take a look at the photorealistic forest show, which looks very impressive.

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ajilkj95d ago

Can't wait to see Hellblade 2 running on UE5!

TeamIcoFan95d ago

Me neither.
But, whoops, I shouldn't say that too loud. According to some people, the last game is just a walking simulator with the occasional fight and pretty graphics.

saint_seya95d ago

I didnt like the game, i played like 5 hrs and gave up, but it doesnt mean is a bad game, some people just dont like it. Theres other good games i dont like, it doesnt mean they are bad, just we all have different tastes. Now i can tell it had nice graphics, so i bet the second one would look at least great.

jznrpg95d ago

Yeah that’s what was said by a xbox fans when it was PS4 only and now suddenly it’s the best franchise ever

sourOG95d ago (Edited 95d ago )

It is a walking simulator. If it wasn’t Norse based I wouldn’t have liked it at all. I wouldn’t shit on you for liking it though lol

TheRealTedCruz95d ago

Ever since the dev was brought in by a certain company, anyway.
Seem to remember people applauding it as art that touched on a lot of important subjects.
Tastes change, I guess :^)

Zeref95d ago

I hope they don't stray from that too much. Sure they should improve the combat but Hellblade is not a hack and slash combat game, it is a semi-walking simulator and it should still be that IMO.

Thundercat7795d ago

That's exactly what the Xbox community said about the game while it was exclusive to PlayStation.

Then after is was available on Xbox, the same game became a masterpiece.

itsmebryan95d ago

No it wasn't a walking simulation to me.. It odd and kind of weird. I got stuck on one of the puzzles and even with the guide it didn't let me pass. But, I will still give the next one a try. It's on gamepass so, I have nothing to lose but, download time.

strifeblade95d ago

Hell blade first came on PlayStation. Game was amazing. Xx but the studio who made it... Yeah it wasn't that good.

I'm here to say the game was amazing. One of my favorites.

dbcoops94d ago

That was some peoples opinion of the last game before it came to xbox. But, whoops, I shouldn't say that too loud.

RedDevils94d ago

It was an average game, not best in it genre. Not sure what what hype was when the sequel was announce. Let see if a meh game would wow me with it sequel.

DJStotty91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

I have always maintained Hellblade was a decent game, even before it released on xbox.

People who say a game is one thing because it is not on their platform, are quite simply loyal to plastic and nothing else, and will never admit a game looks good on a rival platform, no matter how good it actually is.

I like the look of HFW, i still can not play it though, it is still a good looking game for those that can.

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Ron_Danger95d ago

Hellblade 2 is gonna look great, but that’s just the first major game UE5 is used with. I can’t wait to see the games that come after it once devs have had more time with it.

TheRealTedCruz95d ago

I'm going to be real, I don't really think this looks much different than what Warhorse accomplished in Kingdom Come Deliverance under Cry Engine.
At least in terms of the forests, themselves.

I know there's a lot more going on under the hood with UE5 though.

fr0sty94d ago

There isn't a single grass texture in use, every single blade is individually rendered.Nothing yet has come close to this.

Zeref95d ago

I'm honestly even more excited to see what The Coalition can do with this.

MADGameR94d ago

Laggy as heck with lots of popins and under 30FPS

ThePacemaker94d ago

What a boring game Hellblade was. I played it back when it was PS4 exclusive. Didnt play more than 5 hrs, deleted it.

Anyways Xbox community can have it exclusively with a pleasure.

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Aussiesummer95d ago

This looks shithouse!, there are far better examples out there.

Rimeskeem95d ago

I feel like human brains still have a hard time with the uncanny valley. Like it looks weird to me. So close to realism yet I just know it isn't real and therefore looks worse than it actually is.

RaidenBlack95d ago

Yea, but this UE5 project looks even more realistic, sans some vegetations:

BongSmack94d ago

Wow. That is petty convincing.

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