It's Official - Sonic The Hedgehog Is Now A VTuber

From Nintendo Life: "After 30 years, is there anything Sonic the Hedgehog hasn't done? Actually, he hasn't become a VTuber yet and following on from yesterday's rumour, it seems Sega has now made it official.

Yes, it's true - the blue blur has been transformed into a VTuber model. The Sonic Twitter account in Japan shared a first look and introduction. Of course, the majority of it is in Japanese, but there is an English greeting. It's not known what Sega's plans are beyond this or if the VTuber version of Sonic will make it across to the west."

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Snookies12635d ago

Sorry, but this whole "Vtuber" thing is really weird to me... Like, why? I don't get it.