10 Mods that Fundamentally Change PC Games for the Better

Whether it is something simple like changing starting locations, or something more involved like adding new factions, there has never been a better time for mod support in video games. Here are 10 mods that fundamentally change PC games, and should be experienced by all.

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anast88d ago

Bethesda has both of their flagship games on this list...

Orchard88d ago

Which is a good thing, no?

Mods should make a game better not worse, and mods are a key component of PC gaming so their games should support mods.

anast87d ago (Edited 87d ago )

Not really. They those mods are because Bethesda's made Fallout 76 and It has taken them over 10 years to do any thing with the ES series. Not to mention None of these patches are worth anything without the Unofficial bug patches. It's lazy on the behalf of Bethesda. If they are going to sell a base product for the purpose of being modded then their games should be nowhere near full price.

This is in the context of Bethesda not PC gaming.

Orchard87d ago

It sounds like you didn’t read the article.

The mods are nothing to do with Bethesda not fixing bugs. They add new content, new maps/worlds etc. PC modders have done that since the dawn of time, regardless of how often a game franchise is released/updated.

And quite frankly, Bethesda games are great, for playing stock and modding.

But I get it - Bethesda became the worst company ever after MS bought them.

Orchard88d ago

Black Mesa is clearly the best one on the list, that game is insanely good.

Not sure I would call it a mod though - it’s more so a standalone game using the source engine really.