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Kaan writes: "Destruction Derby has not been this good in video games for years. It’s just such a shame the publisher is charging for an update that affects Xbox Series S players in such a way. If you’re playing on an Xbox Series X, then Wreckfest is a fast, aggressive and chaotically fun racing game. I would definitely recommend it. Otherwise, wait for an update on the Series S side, for the time being."

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CYALTR158d ago

Haven't played the upgraded version but I am enjoying it on my XOX.

Currently one of my favorite racers, just some good mindless fun. It plays to my strengths as I kinda suck at racing games and usually drive like that anyway. I just get rewarded for it here. I haven't run into too many tech issues on my system, but it sounds like the issues are mostly on the Series S. Hopefully they will get them patched or something.

If you have Game Pass I would definitely recommend it, not sure It pay $40 for it though.

Abear21158d ago

I agree and was surprised to see 3/5 but author has reasons. It’s the most fun I’ve had with a racer in a LONG time and I’m still playing it (PS5) and the destruction and adjustable difficulty means this game is for anyone that likes a good dirty race.