Mafia II Using The Illusion Engine

WorthPlaying reports; Mafia II, developed by the original creators Illusion Softworks, features a deep mobster-driven narrative packed with both behind-the-wheel and on-foot action. The Illusion engine was specifically written for Mafia II, and successor to IS' LS3D engine which was used in the original game. According to the few details out there the new engine will rival CryEngine 2 (Crysis Warhead) and support only DirectX 10.

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RyuStrife3694d ago

Meaning it won't come out on the current Gen Consoles....?

360 man3694d ago

yep correct

hold on wasnt the 360 supposed to have some dx 10 properties

SuperM3694d ago

Well if the engine is supposed to rival the Cry engine, then no, 360 is not going to be able to handle this one.

Great news though, cant wait to play on my Vista gaming PC.

bmatthews3694d ago

it is going to be released for the 360, so how can you say the 360 cannot handle it??

i don't get the logic.

Blademask3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

He said if this engine allegedly RIVALS CRYSIS, then its not goign to run on the 360. So far, the closest to crysis the 360 will ever see is gears2.

PS3, Kz2. Way closer and the best looking console game out. But even KZ2 is laughable compared to Crysis. Gears2, even more so. Just sayin if Gears2 is the king of the 360, there doesn't seem to be much room to bring it up to KZ2's level, let alone Crysis.

It will RUN on the 360, but is it going to be a technical Juggernaut? probably not. 3 years in, and nothing close.

bmatthews3694d ago

Oh thanks for clearing that up, my apologies to SuperM i misunderstood.

do you think this article meant "Mafia II supports DX10" and not "supports only DX10" blademask???

because I cannot see how a game being released for consoles that don't support DX10, can say it supports ONLY DX10...must be an error somewhere or am i wrong?

Graphics Whore3694d ago

Neither the 360 or PS3 have DX10 support, however PS3 has Evans OPENGL support which is the successor to DX10, 360 is not slated to have this support.

Ghoul3693d ago

First of all Directx is a graphics API by microsoft wich mainly offers pre-packed code for developers to achieve certain graphic/network/sound etc. effects the easy way, but you are bound to what dx offers you.

OpenGL on the other hand is an open plattform you can program what every you want into it. Its more work but its 100 times more flexible.

So technically Opengl > DX 10.

and no the 360 doesnt have any dx10 support, the only thing they can do is calculate certain dx10 effects via software.

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MizzRock3694d ago

The Engine worked fine on ps2, they're not changing much for the new one.It most likely will be on next gen, why wouldn't it?

Blademask3694d ago

It has to be optimized to run on a 360 with no HDD. So.. Not exactly like its going to be any huge jump from Oblivion\GTA4\Fallout3\SaintsR ow\AssCreed\Re5\Farcry. This is the same pattern that all Multiplatform games fall into:

1. Amazing screenshots shown from PC build to generate hype.
2. News about the amazing engine the multiplat is using.
3. Stories hype hype hype.
4. Actual Release looks nothing like first screenshots, graphics are nice. But never any technical achievement.

We are at a point in multiplatform(hddless 360) Development to where you know what to expect for:

1. Loading
2. Texture Quality
3. Performance

Its clear that you are never goign to get a Uncharted/Kz2/MGS4/Gt5p/Resist ance/Motorstorm2 level of visuals,most certainly not Crysis, .
from a multiplat.

Remember Farcry2? Yeah, consolites were alllllllllll up in the air beating chests talking about how its going to be Crysis on consoles, and if Farcry2 is crysis on consoles, its a sad day for Crysis. If the Dunia engine falls way below any of the titles mentioned, what makes anyone think any news of a multiplat engine will be anything remarkable?

MiloGarret3694d ago

You just can't make a comment without bashing the 360, can you? You are an unstoppable machine of trolling, dying for some attention little boy? We'll you'll get no more from me... *ignore*

candystop3694d ago

Oh just shut up seriously and quit ranting on making stuff up. 360 has held it's own this GEN and surpassed PS3 in visuals at every turn. Sure KZ2 looks amazing but games have been looking amazing on 360 especially versus PS3 since the beginning so whats your point? If your saying 360 is maxed out then your in for another surprise year. Games like Ninja Blade, Alan Wake, and Warhound to name a few will turn some heads wether you want to believe it or not. We've been down this road countless times and it's clear that 360 is just as powerful if not more then the PS3. All you doing is talking SH!t and if you guys want to believe that PS3 will magically surpass 360 in terms of visuals then go head fools.

Blademask3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

uh.. what 360 game looks better than Uncharted, and can at least be suggested as much in any sort of media?

The only time the 360 exclusives looked better than the PS3 exclusives, is when the ps3 wasn't released.

Ill finish that list for you

Ninja Blade
Alan Wake (pc)
Warhound (pc)
Huxley (pc)
Halo Wars
Mass Effect 2(pc)

Yeah, amazing. Thats really going to show off the 360's hardware.. all of the multiplatform games.

bmatthews3694d ago

you're joking right?

name me a 360 exclusive that looks as good as Killzone seriously give me the name of a game that looks as good as Killzone 2.

you see what I say about fanboys that refuse to see the light, we ALL know KZ2 looks better than ANY game on the 360, it's a proven fact, Uncharted is IMO looks better than 360 exclusives too, so please name me a game on the 360 library that is as amazing as Killzone 2 or uncharted.

only an idiot will fail to see that the PS3 is more powerful than the xbox 360, I am not a fanboy, i speak the truth.

candystop3694d ago

Your just as naive and blind and Blademask pal. If you can't look at what 360 has been putting out compared to PS3 in terms of better graphics and visuals then your the idiot my friend. I never said anything on 360 looks better then KZ2 but thats in 2009 and I'm sure something will come along. Even if nothing does I really don't care because this gen has been all about 360 for it's better visuals and overall services. It's funny how you guys want to get all c0cky now but in reality we still don't know how good if good KZ2 really is. I've given my props to it many times in the past but will not sit here and sound like a dumb azz claiming PS3 is more Powerful when that far from the truth and you know it. Also you don't have to prove if your a fanboy or not simply because we can figure it out ourselves.

Blademask3694d ago

but yeah, he just totally ignored that and is hiding behind 'buh buh there are games that wook bettar'

YEah? What games? KZ2 is just the latest one. Uncharted came out Last year, and yet again. No one can say anything. Just say 'buh buh buh there are'

Yeah? Simple. Just list 3.

RememberThe3573694d ago

Sorry buddy. It's true that most multi-platform games look better on the 360, but when you start to compare exclusives there is no contest. The PS3 has better looking exclusives.

The major problem with multi-platform devs, is that many don't yet know how to use the cell. You'll start seeing more quality as developers get more used to the PS3.

Marquis_de_Sade3693d ago

Blademask, you really are a moron. I like how every post of yours includes a subtle dig at the 360. I bought the PS3 version of Farcry 2 and had to install a 4gb file. I then went to play it at my mates house on the 360, no install and .... what???!!?! it actually looks better. I don't doubt that a HDD can aid games, but only exclusive titles will really make use of it.

Just accept the PS3 isn't the console it was said it would be. I have and I still much prefer my PS3 to my 360, but thats not to say the 360 is without its own merits.

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RainOfTerror3694d ago

by the time this game comes out, DirectX 10 will be the standard, who knows, maybe Windows 7/DirectXX 11 will be out :)

games4fun3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

so it will make me run a crappy version of windows that i had to pay alot for, then it will overtax my ram (windows OS style :) followed by getting a minimal increase that could have easily been achieved with dx9 and optimization of graphics settings or even overclocking?


i'll care when the difference is obvious and the new OS doesn't eat up all my ram.

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