What's The Best Gaming Keyboard and Mouse For You?

Thanks to our friends at Roccat, MSI, Hyper-X, Endgame Gear and Sades, here's some gaming keyboard and mouse options that we think suit all kinds of gamers.

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For me? My Corsair K70 LUX RGB keyboard and my Glorious Model D (Black) mouse 😁. No need for 4000hz keyboards or 8000hz mice, when you will notice nothing other than your wallet being a bit lighter 😛 Those are really aimed at pro gamers (esports), even then I don't think there will be any difference really. 1000hz is more than fine. I would stay away from Deathadder mice from Razer. After going through 4 of them over the years every single one I had the rubber side grips would come off in less than a year. Only positive thing about Deathadder mice is the feel, it's a perfect fit, at least for me. So the only mouse that's about the same size and feel is the Glorious Model D.

ChristianReggieWait91d ago

Ouch, that's a shame. I love my HyperX Pulsefire Dart at the moment, the overall design is perfect for me. These things are always very subjective!


Oh, that is a nice mouse, and it looks like it's a bit similar to the Deathadder and the Model D, it would feel perfect in the hand. 😁👍