The Games That Weren't - A must have book for Retro Gamers

Pixelated Gamer: Bitmap Books has amassed one of the most impressive collections of retro gaming publications on the market.  The book we are covering today, "The Games That Weren't",  is by far one of their most interesting pieces of work to date.  It features an impressive list of video games that for one reason or another didn't quite make it to full production.  It's an exciting look into what gamers almost got to play.

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darthv7232d ago

Thankfully, many of the prototypes have been found and showcased. Some even completed enough to distribute, but to see what could have been... I like pieces about this kind of stuff.

PrimeVinister32d ago

This book looks amazing. And yeah, it's really cool when they do turn up - like some piece of lost gaming history was found :-O