Xbox: The State of Every First-Party Developer (2021 Update)

Xbox and Bethesda's studios are busy on a number of exciting new franchises and sequels. Let's take a look at what every first-party studio is up to.

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thesoftware730585d ago

Nice break down.

That is a lot of potential.

sourOG585d ago

IGN doing MS job lol. Thanks!

chiefJohn117585d ago (Edited 585d ago )

Xbox got some serious hits on the way.
State of decade 3 going AAA? Yes please
Everwild beautiful
Avowed RPG Xbox been lacking
Fable a return to glory
Hellblade 2 get ya headphones and popcorn ready
Forza H5 dem graphics tho
Halo infinite FPS goat has returned
Starfield the killing anticipation
Perfect Dark the AAAA masterpiece
Grounded that backyard fun

Just gimme an Ori 3 or a spinoff only thing left on my request list.

King_Noctis585d ago

Xbox haz no gaem they just bought those studios and do nothing with dem.

585d ago
chiefJohn117585d ago (Edited 585d ago )

@Hollow huh?
Hellblade 2 only recently started development
Everwild is made by rare they been under MS for awhile now
SOD games alway been exclusive to the console.
Like only 2 on my list were already in the making. Starfield and Avowed So idk how that's most but okay.

Eviltattoo 585d ago

Nothing too exciting unfortunately

King_Noctis585d ago (Edited 585d ago )

Age of Empire IV, Forza Horizon 5, Awoved, Fable, Outer World 2, Starfield, Elder Scroll 6, Hellblade 2, Perfect Dark, and to a certain extent new IPs like Project Mara, Redfall, and Indiana Jones aren't exciting?

...OK. What kind of game do you play and find exciting?

585d ago
F0XH0UND922585d ago

Still listing multiplats and games only in windows, eh? Lol

King_Noctis585d ago (Edited 585d ago )


“ Xbox: The State of Every First-Party Developer (2021 Update)”

I was simply talking about what the first party developers from MS are working on as that is what the articles is about. Where does it say those games need to be “exclusive” and not “multiplat or Windows” only?

I think this made up Playstation vs. Xbox war has clearly gone over your head, mate.