Windows 11: The Best Windows Ever for Gaming

Gaming has always been fundamental to Windows. We build Windows to be a magical place, where everyone can play, connect, and create. That’s why we’re delighted to bring you Windows 11, with superior graphics, amazing speed, and an incredible selection of games.

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Orchard84d ago (Edited 84d ago )

DirectStorage and AutoHDR on PC, nice!

Microsoft also opened up the Xbox SDK to the public ( ).

sho0ok36084d ago

It would have been perfect if they added quick resume for SSD(s) too.

Orchard84d ago

Agreed! Really hoping they bring QR to PC in a future update. It perhaps even makes more sense on PC - I MP game hop a lot on PC with my buddies.

84d ago
Orchard84d ago

@Banthis They don't - it's Xbox Series only right now.

Kados84d ago

A system level universal save state function would be awesome.

Zeref83d ago

I think that would only be possible for games on the Xbox store.

VariantAEC77d ago

Hey don't forget PSP Go. Game Pause way back in 2010 was pretty neat.

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slowgamer84d ago

Auto-HDR is already been in insider versions of windows 10 for a while.
Adding a bit better support or for fast SSDs and bundling xbox gamepass in windows, it doesn't in my opinion really scream new windows 11 and not just update for 10.
But if it's not much of a hassle and actually has performance benefits then why not.

Orchard84d ago

With DirectStorage being on Xbox Series, and PS5 having similar tech, I can see a situation where certain new next-gen games may require Windows 11 for their PC port.

But it's a free upgrade if you already have Windows 10, so why not!

thesoftware73083d ago

Umm, you are aware that windows 11 is not only for games right? There are tons of new features that make it Windows 11 and different from W10, this is just some of the gaming level stuff.

84d ago
gravedigger84d ago

Half of what they mentioned in the presentation already exists in Windows 10. It would have been nice if they just said something like "And improved reliability for installs".

Like seriously, all the Xbox and Gamepass stuff exists already. The only difference is that the app is presumably more entangled with the OS, and the problem is how the Windows Store being so embedded in the OS makes any problems that crop up impossible to fix.

The app is the same, just with xCloud support I guess.

1Victor83d ago

I read the article headline and 🤦🏿 again every new windows is the bast for gaming since windows 98 except for 2000 and ME 🤣
No offense I hope you don’t take it the wrong way as me bashing windows but praising it.
That headline is so overused 😩

blacktiger83d ago

they have to, they can't compete with android.

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Inverno84d ago

If it's anything like 10 it'll be a slow pos, but let the marketing hype commence I suppose.

Activision84d ago (Edited 84d ago )

Did you not watch the Event? It's just a Windows update.

Fntastic84d ago

Slow? Been using it since 2015, you must have a junk pc.

thesoftware73083d ago

I don't know what he is talking about, My laptop and Desktop are really fast.

LordoftheCritics84d ago

Might have to check your toaster spec?

Inverno84d ago

Sure maybe it runs better on a PC with higher specs but considering that Windows is the default OS for every laptop\prebuilt\work computer and it's needed if you wanna play the majority of games made I say, based on my experience and the many I've read online, that windows 10 has been horrible. It's supposed to be built for a spectrum of different specs and instead it comes with bloatware that makes everything run slow

crazyCoconuts84d ago

you're right it's a bloated pos that rarely goes a year without having an update mess something up. Anyone that disagrees, try booting your machine to linux and enjoy the free upgrade. Unfortunately the game story on linux is a sad one

DiRtY84d ago

Windows 10 just runs perfectly fine for me.

I decided to go for Windows 10 in my company and we have 3 beasty Desktop PCs and 5 moderate notebooks running Win10 and nobody experienced any issues with it.

JustTheFax84d ago

@crazyCoconuts haha oh yes, free upgrade that doesn't run any of my hundreds of games, or any of my software. Sign me up! Oh and I forgot, I guess linux doesn't upgrade, ever.

RedDevils83d ago

Stop going to porn sites lol

Sephiroushin83d ago

I hava a computer with ArchLinux 5.12.13 (mainly for programming stuff), I have a PC with windows 10 (gaming and autocad) and a Macbook Pro M1 (to do s*** on the go)... All of them have their ups and down, windows 10 ia bloated but many of their crap can be uninstalled, its not slow though like some people claim it to be; my only complain is that you need to stop updates every 14 days because their updates sometimes break something and you dont want it to auto update, on Linux all is better but you cant game on it properly or at all, autocad doesnt work (too used to it that even freecad
feels weird) and mac os well its just a little more secure; compact, battery last a lot (unless video editing)

thesoftware73083d ago

You need an upgrade my man, or stop visiting porn site so much, might be a virus lol.

Teflon0283d ago

Tf do you have installed lol. I just got my game launchers, My VLC, and art apps. I only make discord and Steam open by default and everything runs super fast. Games don't load PS5 speeds even with a 970 pro nvme but theyre close enough to be satisfied. Starting a game is the only thing that takes longer than desired for me and having to open a launcher and update a game if I want to play a non steam game because I'm not running 40 launchers at once

LordoftheCritics80d ago

LOL. I have had two crashes in 6 years and both were battery related.

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hyperfire2184d ago

Just get a Mac.. maybe that’ll be faster for you

WeAreLegion84d ago

10 is, by far, the best and fastest OS they've ever made. And it's unbelievably secure. I kind of hate Microsoft as a company, but Windows 10 is a dream.

D3TH_D33LR83d ago

Then throw out your toaster of a pc

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BigMalk84d ago

I hope so. I can't even get Gamepass to install games on my Win 10 one.

thesoftware73083d ago


Why cant you install GP games?

GP works excellent on my laptop an home computer.

BigMalk83d ago (Edited 83d ago )

Paid the £1 for GP a few days ago, every time I tried to install a game on the Xbox app, it got an error. Tried through the MS Store, and it didn't do a thing.

Tried all the supposed fixes, and just ended up getting a refund. Should work straight off the app and not require jumping through hoops.

roadkillers83d ago

Sorry to piggyback. Do we have any word on if this is an improvement for Xcloud?

D3TH_D33LR83d ago

Make sure you’re installing games to the same drive as your OS. I know I had that issue with a few games

BigMalk83d ago

I was. It just wouldn't play ball.

Father__Merrin84d ago

Can't wait to try it out. Win10 was pretty good tbh. One thing I can remember is doing 3dmarks from vista to 7 to 8 to 10 all scores increased. Hopefully better performance in win11

Iceball200084d ago

Your using the same pc sense Vista?

Father__Merrin84d ago

No lol I meant everytime a new op system there was always a jump in 3dmark score

DarthMarvin84d ago

Hold onto your butts, Win 11 boasts a 0.5% performance increase!

Magatsuhi84d ago

Does it cost 140 bucks to use? That watermark is beginning to bug me. 🤕

StoneyYoshi84d ago

You can get Genuine windows keys from any of the key shops like G2A and stuff. I see windows 10 pro for 30 bucks right now. Then windows 11 and beyond will be free for you.

CantThinkOfAUsername84d ago

Avoid G2A, and get it from anywhere else.

JustTheFax84d ago

I have gotten windows keys for $2-3 even!

Michiel198983d ago

yeah those keyresellers arent the greatest to buy from if you care only a bit for supporting the devs. Im sure G2A got better after the whole drama a couple years back, but still. Too many shady shit going on there.

StoneyYoshi83d ago

I just used G2A as an example of a site to search for. There's plenty of other less sketchy sources out there with cheaper windows 10 key options.

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RedDevils83d ago

Just edit the registry. It easy cost you nothing.