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Despite it being over 30 years since Atari launched Pong on an unsuspecting world, video gaming is still largely an industry in its adolescence. Sure, developers have unleashed virtually unparalleled levels of imagination and inventiveness in digital entertainment. However, thought-provoking subjects dealing with real emotional issues often remain a world undiscovered in video games. French studio Quantic Dream aims to change this trend with upcoming third-person action game Heavy Rain: The Origami Killer. Digital Spy caught up with lead developer David Cage to discuss the potential birth of a new era in gaming.

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The Judderman3602d ago

I was gutted when Heavy Rain went ps3 exclusive, knowing that the graphics now have to be down graded for it to run on it.
If only they had developed it on the 360 then maybe it would be the game we all hope it would be.
I suppose once it flops as most Ps3 games do the developer will see sense and make the better version for xbox.

PirateThom3602d ago

And yet, the 360 has no game that matches it graphically... why is that?

dj_funky3602d ago

dude it's not april fools yet.. quit trying to be funny judderman. i mean come on.. you serious about them downgrading the graphics on the ps3? LOL.

ViceKingz3602d ago

too bad that developer is sony. only on -

no wait.

only POSSIBLE on ps3. face it.

tk3602d ago

You were most probably gutted when you heard that Gran Turismo, Uncharted, R&C, R:2 and Killzone was going to be PS3 exclusives. They all most probably had to have the graphics "downgraded".

SWANN3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

Show us a link stating that Heavey Rain was supposedly coming to the Xbox 360. Back your words up, don't just shoot your mouth off blindly and you got it backwards Quantic Dream would've had to lower the quality for the Xbox 360 version for it to appear on that console.

Draperc3602d ago

It was originally supposed to be on the 360 as well, but Sony paid for it to be exclusive.

JohnnyChimpo3602d ago

Nowhere in that article does it say it was suppose to be on the 360. The title reads " PS3 Exclusive Confirmed - Heavy Rain. Cancelled for 360. " the tagline underneath reads " The game was originally planned for the PS3 and 360. Sony secured its exclusivity, ensuring the game will only come out for the PS3. Not much is known about the game but it looks like it will be in the vein of Indigo Prohpecy. "

It's weird that the actual article itself doesn't say anything about it being multi-plat, it just reads as if Sony and Quantic signed a contract on an exclusive game.

It would be rather easy for the Journalist to simply add a persuasive title and tagline, but the article must remain unedited of course. Seems like something that would have been mentioned

jcfilth3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

Good one there buddy!! wait....are you being serious? o_0

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aggh im on fire3602d ago

Really looking forward to this. In fact its probably my most wanted PS3 game next year. I love the look of Killzone2 but its nice to play something different you know.

ultimolu3602d ago

It is.
Good God, another year of an empty purse...=P

Cheers to gaming.

meepmoopmeep3602d ago

i can't wait for HR.
i really like Indigo Prophecy (minus the ending)
but yeah, if IP is any indication and the new stuff they put in HR
it's going to be a game i'm going to enjoy

Tony P3602d ago

"Most games are designed to handle very repetitive tasks [shooting, driving, jumping, etc.], which doesn't really help when you want to deal with complex emotions. We need to change many of our paradigms if we want our art to evolve and become more than toys for kids."

That's the kind of thinking I like to see in gaming. If this is only on PS3 I'll surely have to buy one.

- Ghost of Sparta -3602d ago

Heavy Rain is property of Sony.

Tony P3602d ago

Ah, SCEE publishes. Shucks. I'd hoped it would at least visit PC. Ah well 2011 PS3 here comes me...

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The Judderman3602d ago

i hear Heavy Rain wanted to be open world with dynamic weather like Alan Wake but the PS3 couldn't handle it so they had to resort to small enviorments and quick time events. Its a real shame when a developer is stiffled by inferior hardware.

WhittO3602d ago

lol, how do you know it doesn't have dynamic weather?

Also, have you not seen the screens ? the weather looks amazingly real ! !

SWANN3602d ago

You heard wrong, mona me!

dukadork3602d ago

known fact:
too much masturbation makes people def

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