CI Games "Distressed" By Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 Press Event

CI Games has apologized for a controversial Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 press event, saying it is "distressed" by what has happened.

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isarai84d ago

I mean, i guess, but at the same time kinda hypocritical. Everyone is fine with doing it in a game, don't even bat an eye, but do it for pretend at a promo event and then you have a problem?

itsmebryan84d ago

That's not true. Did you read the whole apology from the Dev? They said that is not the way the people are represented in the game and even told the people doing the press event to change the actors costumes . So, this is not the way it is in the game according to the Devs.

isarai84d ago

Shoulda mentioned i'm just talking about games in general. But like i said "i guess". I get the complaint, but it's not like we dont have tons of movies and games doing exactly the same thing. I dunno, just seems kinda overblown to me.

LucasRuinedChildhood84d ago

It's nice to see that there is actually a lot of nuance in this comment section. On political stories like this, people usually just make their mind up from the headline and don't even bother opening the link.

The headline being somewhat vague might have actually forced people to open the link and properly think about the story..

elazz84d ago

The event was supposed to be different but the organizers declined the requests from the developer. The developer still approved to do whatever they want. They also weren't there to follow up due to travel restrictions.

It's actually pretty messed up. From the organizers to not fulfill the demands from the developer to reflect the context and setting from the game but also weird for the devs to still let everything continue while not being there.

ProjectVulcan84d ago (Edited 84d ago )

Is it as bad as the infamous God Of War 2 Playstation event with the decapitated goat and topless serving girls?

JEECE84d ago

Probably not, but I think the assumption was that people have figured this out more in the fourteen years since 2007.

Charlieboy33384d ago

What? That doesn't sound bad at all !

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CYALTR84d ago

Given where many peoples sensitivities are about this kind of stuff in the world today, it was probably just a bad idea. A bit tone deaf I would say. I see what they were trying to do, but it was a pretty bad read on who they were pitching to. As someone else mentioned, the game industry is often looking for a story that will generate clicks and when you put the big "R" into it, you know you will generate discussion.

All that said, I think people in general can be way to sensitive about things in general. Everyone is looking for the gotcha moment. When I saw that they included "influencers" I knew that they were screwed!!

NeoGamer23283d ago

I agree that people can be too sensitive about these things, but at the same time you have to remember that many of non-white people endured a lot of pain, suffering, and lack of education because of white people for many decades, hundreds, and in some cases thousands of years. To just have white people wake up one morning and declare everything to be equal opportunity for all does not fix the systemic problems that white people caused in the first place.

I am a white person and never thought myself as racist. But, that doesn't mean I don't do racist things. Intention is often different from actual action and truly treating people as equals.

I do get the white person perspective.... "I am not racist, I give all other people equal opportunity, but why do I have to be sensitive to every little thing?". But, at the same time look at it from the other perspective.... For whatever numbers of years their ancestors were not treated as equals so they didn't get the opportunities that white people did. This affected the path of their evolution as people. While white people got the premium path, these other people got the secondary "crap" path. So, for generations upon generations this happened and put these people in complete different states of evolution then white people.

I am not saying I have answers to the problems, but people need to understand that white people made the structure of the world today, and that many other people did not get any opportunity before. Just giving a person a million dollars and saying, "There I fixed all your problems" does not fix all their problems. You actually have to fix all aspects of the problem. Stereotyping, social, mental, and even physical aspects need to be fixed. Otherwise you don't ever really fix the problem.

CYALTR83d ago

Well said. I think the whole "PC Police" thing is often used as an excuse to just be racist and mean, sometimes without even meaning to. Not to get way off on a political tangent but that is the whole point of something like Critical Race Theory. Certain groups of people have tried to redefine the meaning of that to be "all white people are racist" and that is not at all what it means. I think it is more what you are saying and recognizing when something you say or do may be offensive to someone, even if unintentional, and be willing to see things from that person's side and maybe change that behavior.

I agree with everything you said though. Good thoughtful post!! Thanks!!