Xbox Could Get a New Killer Instinct Game If Phil Spencer Finds the 'Right Team'

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has said that a new Killer Instinct game could be made if he can find “the right team and the right opportunity.”

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darthv7288d ago

with Double Helix out of the picture (now part of Amazon), why not tap Iron Galaxy to do it? I mean they have experience with creating the content for seasons 2 & 3. Im sure Rare could spare a couple of people to help oversee the development like they did with DH for season 1.

UltimateOwnage88d ago

I guess RARE themselves aren’t the “Right Team” for making a new iteration of their own franchise. Odd.

Tedakin88d ago

They didn't make the last one either. You have to have a specific group of people who understand fighting game mechanics to make a game like this.

eaze201388d ago

Exactly this, you can't just throw it at anyone and hope it will be a solid fighting game.

NeoGamer23287d ago

The problem is the best development studios for these games are owned by large first or third party publishers make games like Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, etc. There really is no AAA independent fighting game studio anymore.

88d ago
TheRealTedCruz88d ago

What's the point of appointing a whole bunch of different devs to a project, just because they happen to fall under the same label?

Especially when you believe that there's talent better suited for the project.
This is an entirely different iteration of RARE. Most of the key latent already left the studio to form their own teams, even prior to their acquisition, basically due to heavy mismanagement by their heads in the later years of the company.

sinspirit88d ago

"Most of the key latent already left the studio to form their own teams, even prior to their acquisition"

Still not true. Most of their key players were still there until 2008 and another batch left in 2010, after the Kinect and Live avatar focus. I correct this every time since people still claim Rare was gone before the acquisition. It's misinformation. Well, disinformation if people keep spreading it knowingly.

King_Noctis88d ago

Rare is busy doing their own things with Sea of Thieves and Everwild.

Terry_B88d ago

Are even 5 People from the original teams thatmade KI 1 and 2 a part of Microsofts Rare?

TheRealTedCruz88d ago (Edited 88d ago )

People always say MS scared off the veteran RARE talent but, in all honesty, stressful work conditions and mismanagement scared most of them away going into the late 90s, early 2000s.

They were bought for the availability of the IP, and name recognition. They just hoped the team there could be handed the torch and recreate that magic the old talent brought to the table. I wish they tried harder with said IP, but they focused mostly on new works; with varying levels of success.

Now that MS seems much more game focused, I'm really hoping they finally drop that bomb and announce a new Banjo or Conker.
It's cool we're getting a new Perfect Dark, but those are two I really want to see.

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Tedakin88d ago (Edited 88d ago )

MS should have bought Iron Galaxy a few years ago and put them exclusively on KI.... :(

darthv7288d ago

Maybe they still can, but not really necessary if they just want to contract them to work on it.

Tedakin88d ago

IG said they want to make another KI, all MS has to do is ask. Not sure what the holdup is.

TylerID88d ago

Still waiting for Phil to find one right team he can work with.

King_Noctis88d ago

So he couldn’t work with everyone of his 20+ dev teams?

TheRealTedCruz88d ago

Great news!
They just invested in multiple devs with many awards and recognition under their belt.

You must be ecstatic!

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