The Modern Naughty Dog Conundrum

Naughty Dog quickly rose to the top of the industry post-Uncharted 2, leading to a modern studio culture that's not what it used to be.

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waverider31d ago

ND is such an amazing studio. Always pushing gaming forward and doing the impossible with the hardware they work. UC2 was really something special. The evolution from Uincharted to Uncharted 2 was crazy. beside all that they dont launch a game that runs like crap, like others do,....

Jin_Sakai31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

I’m ready for a new IP from Naughty Dog. Will be interesting to see where they go next. Still waiting on Factions to be revealed.

waverider31d ago

Yeah. What will it be? Faction seems to be a bigger project then everbody expected. What are they doing!

SCW198231d ago

I think it would be awesome if Naughty Dog made a swash buckling pirate adventure, or a sci-fi space opera.

TricksterArrow30d ago

Sci-fi, pls. Something high-fantasy like their own "Savage Starlight" or maybe something more grounded, yet still charming kinda like Cowboy Bebop/Firefly. Though I'm sure they will deliver on whatever they come up with next.

RaiderNation30d ago

I'm ready for a new IP for sure. The last thing I want from ND for their next game (not including factions) is yet another Uncharted or a new Last of Us. In fact, I wouldn't even mind seeing them tackle another genre altogether. I'd love to see if they could make a better "Cyberpunk" game than CDPR. Or even go a little more whimsical with a new Jack and Daxter or a new mascot type game.

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VerminSC30d ago

See that’s why I don’t get the hate around tlou2 even if you don’t like the story it’s still a huge, fully realized, extremely polished, fun game. How many companies release such complete games now? I can count on 1 hand

30d ago
forkymental30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

It's fun if you're into torture porn. I've never seen a videogame story go so far out of it's way to make the person playing it feel like sh!t. They killed Joel, made Ellie almost entirely unlikable, and even killed the horse off just to add to the spice. They also tried their best to make everybody love Abby, and it didn't work. As far as the gameplay goes, it plays exactly the same as the original, which came out 7 years prior. The only real difference is a useless jump button. You people are far too generous to this game, and to Neil Druckmann for that matter. Neil Druckmann wrote this story to impress his buddies in the woke community, including Anita Sarkeesian. There are videos of him simping for her on Youtube. He wasn't interested in what the gamers wanted. He was only interested in the message the game sent. Point is: videogames shouldn't be a place to make political and social statements. He cost Naughty Dog a lot of fans by introducing woke identity politics into his videogames, and he'll never get those fans back.

-Foxtrot30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

If a game is known for being story driven and the praise from the last game whether or not it’s from the same franchise is loved because of the writing, characters, chemistry and so on then yeah if all of that is not good in the NEXT game then it won’t matter about graphics or the like

You can’t ignore the main attraction to a game if its bad because everything else is good.

TLOU2 had great graphics, fantastic animations, sound, soundtrack, no bugs, not broken issues needing a super patch but that doesn’t mean I’m going to ignore the issues, all the things I loved about the first game.

Imagine having a meal at a restaurant, the entire meal is fantastic but the main part of it is a huge letdown or something is wrong, what are you going to do, defend the meal, big it up because everything else was good? I don’t think so, I mean if it was free sure but not when you’ve spent a bit of money on it

VerminSC30d ago (Edited 30d ago )


“It plays exactly like the original”

Yeah you clearly didn’t play it.

They added a prone mechanic, hiding in foliage, ability to crawl under structures, ability to grab enemies and give them to clickers, an entire overhaul of melee combat with dodging and stealing enemy weapons mid fight, you’re now able to cause infected and humans enemiesto fight each other, you can now leap on enemies from above, AI companions are more helpful, they added a rope mechanics and more interesting puzzles, ability to squeeze through tight spaces, new weapons and craftables, you are able to run away from enemies and re-establish stealth, enemies are way more intelligent now and actually communicate with each other, they added dogs which completely change how you have to play, they added brutes, shamblers, seraphites, all which completely change how you have to play … I could go on

343_Guilty_Spark30d ago


Video games like any art form can have any message the author/developers want them to have. Some games have messages about the evils of unrestrained corporatism, over reliance on technology, finding love, finding peace, taking a stand against evil, showing restraint, others try to bringing awareness to things like mental illness. These can all be political in nature because they relate to the structure and composition of societies, and how those societies deal with certain problems. It's not's just awareness. Confronting the human condition...

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darthv7230d ago

ND should remake their long forgotten fighter Way of the Warrior. It deserves more recognition than it got back on the 3do. They could do it as a little pet project for the old school ND fans. I think it would be awesome (and i know Im in the minority here).

Atticus_finch30d ago

Unfortunately fighters don't get much attention. So way of warrior is probably never happening again.

specialguest30d ago

Needs more recognition?? Lol you gotta be joking. Back in the day when I was a kid looking at the screenshots from the EGM magazine, I thought the graphics were amazing. When the internet came along and we got to see gameplay, I was surprised how terrible the game was. Nothing about this game was good except the graphics for that era. A wanna-be MK with goofy characters, and horrible gameplay mechanics

Aussiesummer30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

You forgot to mention how shithouse and unresponsive the controls were, killed my poor little thumbs trying to get a fatality out or even just a simple move and the australian character that facts fire, makes me embarrassed to be Australian, lol. Terrible game.

Aussiesummer30d ago

It was bloody terrible. Best forgotten.

cerpintaxt4430d ago

hell no dude that game was garbage

Yui_Suzumiya30d ago

Limited Run Games will probably release it. I mean they're doing a port of Plumbers Don't Wear Ties after all 😅

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Are you saying their success has changed them, so they are no longer the studio that first rose to fame with U2?

Yeah. Things change. The Beatles got better, Tarantino got worse, and nobody knows where Bill Murray is.

Change is inevitable, time erodes all, for better or worse. It ain’t unique to ND, and there’s no way to know how they’ll grow.

zumlauf1430d ago (Edited 30d ago )

i agree with your sentiment. But, tarantino got worse!? say whaaaaat. Out of curiosity, what's your favorite tarantino film?

30d ago

I knew the Tarantino comment would get attention…. I do think that he’s gotten too self indulgent since he lost his original editor (alotta great directors stick with the same editor forever). That’s not to say his films aren’t great anymore, or have been on a decline, they just lack someone he trusts tellling him “That’s enough, we’re gonna move on now.”

and Inglorious Basterds is my fav 🥰

franwex30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

I wouldn’t say Tarantino got worse, but he does overly indulge now with fame.

But yes, previous films had more heart.

TLOUP2 gameplay is a lot of fun. The story is a little too dramatic for me. It actually made me laugh at the melodrama overload when I know the intention was to disturb me. But I’m also a psychopath.

Yui_Suzumiya30d ago

The Hateful Eight was bloody brilliant though. The Last of Us: Part II felt like a damn Tarantino project. Loved it.

cooperdnizzle30d ago

Tarantino got worse ??? I would say he still make a top notch movies man.

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isarai30d ago

They are top tier in the industry, they create technical masterpieces that no one touches for years afterwards. TLOU2 had a divisive story sure, but technically that game is still standing up really well even to next gen games. I'm eager to see what their next game is, and imma buy it unless they completely drop the ball with it, which i don't see happening.

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