Konami quietly launches a PES 2022 demo

From Eurogamer: "Konami has quietly launched a demo for PES 2022.

The brilliantly-named 'New Football Game Online Performance Test' is available to download now on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X and S. You don't need PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold."

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PrimeVinister467d ago

Holy poop. I am away to download this now...

outsider1624467d ago

Played about 10-15 matches. Responsive enough even with a 1 bar connection. Playing on Ps4. It looks like mobile game on console. The game is mostly to test the online servers though.

MaximusPrime_467d ago (Edited 467d ago )

Thanks! Downloading this now. It’s free so I expect this to be poorer than FIFA.

bouzebbal466d ago (Edited 466d ago )

Nothing is poorer than fifa

solideagle467d ago

once upon a time PES was better than FIFA when Konami had some life in them...

giveyerheadawobble467d ago

And now currently still is better. Comfortably.

frostypants466d ago (Edited 466d ago )

That's like judging which turd smells less bad. They are both garbage. There is no serious soccer game worth buying on the market currently. Hopefully this next iteration fixes that.

TheColbertinator467d ago

It is better. The lack of licenses is what bothers me about PES.I do download the mods to get the content but I wish Premier League and UCL were seamlessly integrated into PES.

PrinceAli466d ago

But that isn't PES' fault.. Fifa sign disgusting monopoly contracts so its out of PES' hands

Z501467d ago

A free demo?
No way!!!

melons467d ago

It's good! Though the passing does feel just a taaaaad slow, I had a lot of fun.

mostarr467d ago

Can you still turn up gamespeed to x2 like before?

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The story is too old to be commented.