My Day As A Sniper Ghost Warrior Was Uncomfortable And Gross

From TheGamer: "There’s nothing media types like myself enjoy more than an in-person event. They’re always a great opportunity to learn more about upcoming games, chat with developers face-to-face, and catch up with other games journalists and content creators. A lot of gaming sites, TheGamer included, are decentralized, so the only opportunity I have to meet up with my co-workers and other games writers is at conventions, press events, and in-person play sessions. I can’t overstate just how important these outings are for us and how much we look forward to them all year."

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CYALTR38d ago

Interesting article. Here is one from Kotaku that references the mentioned event and relates a similar story from 20 years ago.

sourOG38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Hahahahahha. Imagine thinking it was a good idea to get the gaming media, the most useless and emotional people in our hobby, into military terrorism training for a press event. “I saw and Trump flag and almost got back into the bus”. Lmao… what a dumb idea.

TricksterArrow38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

To be fair, gamers are mostly emotional about frivolous things: there's a skimpy girl in my game, change it. There's a gay in my game, change it. My favorite character died, change it. This girl is too frail, change it. This girl is too butch, change it. Too many boobs, this is offensive, change it. Not enough boobs, stop this agenda, change it. I could go on.

sourOG38d ago

I can’t argue. But the worst of us are the media. Whoever thought this was a good idea wasn’t thinking. It’s something the fans would enjoy but we all know the media isn’t a fan of gaming at all.

Nacho_Z38d ago

It's not just gamers but good comment.

annoyedgamer38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

They should stop offering events for "the press". Waste of money.

Why dont they invite gamers to these things? Press always get these invites and for what? Makes me sick.

Battlestar2338d ago (Edited 38d ago )

I hope someday a game dev in the middle east will do one of these things but instead of killing pretend arabs you get to kill pretend Americans. It's all just harmless fun right? Nothing to get upset about is it?

sourOG38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

We’re used to the “death to america” chants. They don’t pretend and it doesn’t phase us.

CantThinkOfAUsername38d ago

Is it unwarranted? The U.S. fucked the Middle East up for years.

sourOG38d ago

Not really. The world police phase was indeed a disaster. I’m just saying go tell any American that “a Middle East press event was held where they pretended to kill Americans!” And get back to me when you find someone who gives a shit or is surprised lol.

JEECE38d ago


Which do you think came first, the chants or the "world police phase"?

sourOG38d ago

Does it matter what came first? America did die and Americans still couldn’t be bothered lol. I support the military but they are the warriors not the thought police. Dropping bombs on people who f*** with us and dropping American style “democracy” on societies that don’t want it are different things.

Societies need to liberate themselves and deal with their own shit. You can’t install a “civil society” through force, they grow naturally or they don’t at all. What we did was f***king dumb. It’s not like we need any more proof of this lol.

sourOG37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

All of the propagandists ramp up their fake news when “the other side” is in charge. Left or right is doesn’t matter. It’s an excuse to trash somebody, they don’t actually care about any of it. It’s a business and fake news pays.

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annoyedgamer38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

I'd play it. Its only fair after countless kill the arab shooters. The guy who complained is a total loser though.

There is a movie called Mosul made by an a studio in the UAE that was pretty good. But it the maIn enemy isnt America.

JEECE38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

In MGS: Peace Walker you fight against the CIA. No one cared. (I know it's not set in the Middle East btw I'm just saying the US is the enemy, at least in a sense without getting into all the MGS details).

Rachel_Alucard38d ago

I'm laughing at the fact the biggest offense to the writer was the idea that the military personal at the facility dared to dress up as arabs for a simulation. So what do you want, actual arabs to shoot at? The cherry on top of this whole article was the line "Almost all of the other attendees are having the time of their life."
I already have the perfect stereotype in my head without even looking at the author picture and as I do I see it's exactly how I imagined that stereotype.

TheRealTedCruz38d ago

Leave him alone.
He cried a lot.

He's had enough :^)

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