The Legend of Heroes Series Is Getting Multiple New English Localizations On PC

The Legend of Heroes series is getting multiple new games on PC with English localizations as they were leaked through the Epic Games Store.

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Teflon0291d ago

As long as they come to steam too. Finally about time

kythlyn91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

The Geofront translations were exceptional. I really hope they struck a deal with Nihon Falcom / NISA to get their translation used, but even if not, it's excellent news that the Crossbell duology is being formally released in English.

Pyrofire9591d ago

I just found out on Twitter that the Geofront and NIS have partnered and their localization will be the basis for the official one! :D

GoodGuy0991d ago

Seriously though, geofront needs to be hired as help for translations. The wait for trails/falcom games is rediculous.

AnnaDea91d ago

You can take a look at this:

That's why each game takes so long to translate.

GoodGuy0991d ago (Edited 91d ago )

Has been amazing to be a trails fan.