Seagate Announce M.2 Drive that Transfers Faster than PS5’s SSD at SG21

Releasing in the Summer of 2021, Seagate have announced the FireCuda 530 M.2 SSD at SG21.

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GamerRN34d ago

Finally something compatible with the PS5

VenomUK34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Maybe this will be first on Sony’s approved list! I’ve rented some games and could do with being able to install them all without juggling space.

GamerRN33d ago

I'm just really shocked it's coming up on a year and still no storage solution... Personally I expected 3 months maybe. I'm sure once they figure it out it'll sell like crazy and be hard to find just to make life harder for us.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen31d ago

Samsung 980 Pro has been out longer than the Seagate drive.

TallDarknWavy34d ago

To spend more on a hard drive than a PS5?
K -_-

waverider35d ago

The price... Is more expensive then a PS5!

tombfan35d ago

And that's why we'll should be grateful for the consoles being at 500dlls... those ssd aren't cheap...

waverider35d ago

Its amazing what Sony was able to put on the PS5. Something that you can get for 399! Just crazy.

tombfan35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Yes, and that's just the SSD, if you count the whole pack, it's one expensive console to manufacture. (The same applies with xbox series x)

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neutralgamer199234d ago


That's what so many gamers don't understand the kind of specs that both Microsoft and Sony used for these next in consoles, there's no way literally possible to have those specs on a PC for $499

The faster SSD's that match ps5 can cost almost half the price of ps5 itself. Yes PC gamers can have huge advantages like modding but to build a decent PC that can do at minimum 1440p with 60FPS you are looking a t spending atleast $1000 if not more

phoenixwing34d ago

You are correct I spent around that much for my pc and all the extras I bought put it at even more. However I find it worth every penny

neutralgamer199234d ago


Definitely I think if you can afford to build a great PC and buy a ps5 you can get best of both platforms. Pc in itself is a great open platform. I just like consoles simply because it's easy to hook up and play and they are noob friendly for gamers like me

amazinglover34d ago

Average users isn't also funding the development and building of the hardware as well as buying these parts in massive bulk.

Yes you can't build something anywhere close for $499 you also didn't pay to have millions of these built at the same time.

Neonridr34d ago

and those prices will fall as all technology does.

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barom34d ago

I just bought a $1100 PC that has a 5700G + RTX 3060. I started up Battlefield 4 (a 7 year old game) thinking I could totally max it out at 1440p but nope, seem to run pretty choppy at ultra high 1440p (ultrawide) settings. I was thoroughly disappointed.

Still not too mad though cause I get to play old school gems like Castlevania Lords of Shadow at max settings when PS3/360 version was barely playable.

Axecution34d ago (Edited 34d ago )


Hey dude. Something's wrong. Your RTX 3060 should be maxing out BF4 at 1440p with above 120fps pretty much consistently. My 2080 Super has absolutely no issues whatsoever. Maybe reinstall you NVidia drivers. Is it a laptop?

Tapani34d ago

You are probably running battlefield 4 with your 5600G iGPU instead of RTX3060. Why did you buy 5700G instead of a normal CPU?

If it’s a laptop, I get it.

annoyedgamer34d ago

Something is wrong. I have BF4 running at 1440p Ultrawide on a GTX 1060.

barom34d ago

I’ll give it a shot again. Also the 5700g came with the computer. I bought the HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop TG01-2176. I thought of selling the 5700g and buy something better since the 5700g goes on eBay for the price of a 5900x.

Anyway, I’ll give it a try again, maybe there’s something I missed. Haven’t had a lot of time to play with it yet.

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aquamala34d ago

nope, 1TB is $240 and bigger than what’s in PS5, PS5 SSD is only 825GB

seanpitt2334d ago

Do you really need anything faster than what’s in the ps5 at this point… games are loading in a couple seconds… if you want it faster than that you are just impatient 😂

Babadook734d ago

It’s not loading times that made Sony spend the extra $ on a fast SSD. It’s asset streaming. R&C is a good early example.

Bobertt34d ago

That is because your comparing it to the 4tb drive. The 1tb drive which is the one you should compare it to is less than half of a PS5.

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TeamIcoFan35d ago

And so it begins.
Other manufacturer's will follow and try tom compete by undercutting prices, and in the end, we consumers win.

isarai34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Which i why it's a big deal to me personally that PS5 allows standard off the shelf drives. Just wish they would open that up and release the requirements so i can start scouting.

Kados35d ago

There already are NVMe's that are faster than the PS5. This is nothing new.

akaFullMetal35d ago

Exactly there are faster SSD's than ps5 at this point on PC. However Ps5 will be able push data faster combo'd with it's custom io up to 17 -22 gb/s when compressed.

Kados35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

ROFL, where did you hear that garbage from? There has never been any official statements or spec sheets that support those numbers.

The PS5 caps out at 9GB/s compressed. With Directstorage on PC, current 7GB/s raw drives like the Samsung 980 Pro will reach 14GB/s.

akaFullMetal35d ago

At kados

Mark Cerny said that with good compression the ps5 has a max up to 22 gb/s and with Oodle kraken and textures they have close to that with 17 gb/s or higher at times

Teflon0235d ago

Kados you seem to not understand the advantages of being able to make custom hardware. Sony has made it where essentially you can get almost 4 times the speeds through compression as they have a dedicated chip to work on compression meaning unlike a PC where you don't have dedicated compression it will be an advantage for ps5 which isn't on the SSD but the PC vs ps5 build setup

Kados35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

@Teflon02: Having custom hardware does not mean you can toss around random numbers without providing official data to support it. Calling someone out for doing so, does not mean i do not understand the benefits of custom hardware. Using damage control accusatory logic like that just further hurts the argument.

"The PS5 actually has 500TF of graphical power"
"No it doesn't"
"You seem to not understand the advantages of being able to make custom hardware"

See the issue? Sources matter. Fanboy logic gets you nowhere.

Thanks for providing links.

Hatchetforce35d ago

kados, you are the one doing damage control. You said his remarks were garbage. You are the one that said there had never been any official statements or spec sheets when there have been. Yet you gave specs. Wrong specs but you gave em. You were wrong. And instead of stepping up and admitting it you attack other people and say they made unsupported comments (even though they were right) The person making outrageous unsupported remarks, well that was you.

Tapani34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Pulling numbers from your rear. 9GB is the theoretical max for PS5 and it certainly is not getting those transfer rates constantly. DirectStorage is coming to Windows 11 this year, and essentially make PCs capable of the same IO tricks. Everybody wins because game design becomes unified and better.

Once we get DX12U games working on Win11 using DirectStorage, that’s when next gen hits PC.

I’m lucky I have 1tb nvme, RX6000-series gpu and Zen 3 on a X570 platform.

JustTheFax34d ago

So what is stopping pc game developers from using Kraken Oodle? After all, Epic Games owns it.

Hatchetforce34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

"9GB is the theoretical max for PS5"

Cerny > you. Your comment is proof you don't understand what the PS5 SSD and IO actually do. You don't understand these "IO Tricks" as you call them. Fast storage is worthless without a couple a things. A controller. Like the IO in the PS5. You also need motherboard makers to set a industry standard and support this with such a controller. Then you need a s ton of these to be sold. Then you need developers to say there are enough in the wild to support making entire levels and games that not just support this new standard but are built around the ability like ratchet and clank. Quite frankly the PC is light years from this. You'll be some dude with fast loading and that's it. The real difference is when you see levels and games built around the memory that can't be duplicated on an average system. Good luck with that.

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gamer780435d ago

Sure but PC really needs a quick resume for multiple titles. That really saves the load times.

Teflon0235d ago

Shiore2u. That eats too much resources depending on the game. I think they mean like a save stat type feature. Not come out the game and go back when ready. I've tried launching multiple games and while I could get Overwatch and Genshin running at the same time and alt tab. They eat at each other's performance. PC does need a fix for sleeping and games more than a quick resume as PS5 doesn't have and doesn't need. Though it loads games like FFVII in legit like 6or so seconds from the system UI if you use activity cards so it's easy to ignore. But alot of games performance tank after a PC is in sleep mode. There does need to be a universal fix if possible as I know you could just say it's on the devs to make sure it runs right. But something in the windows system should be able to fix it if modified

Father__Merrin35d ago

No such thing can happen you can't turn on your pc and go into a game

gamer780435d ago

@Shiore2u lol alt-tab is not even close to the same thing you can shut the power off completely from your xbox and its suspended for multiple games.

34d ago
gamer780434d ago

@/knightedhollow. Your pc is still on and in low power mode. Totally different

RedDevils34d ago

@gamer7804 Sleep on PC and Rest mode on Ps4/PS5 is exactly the same. Both use little power when idle don't let console fanboy blind you.

gamer780434d ago (Edited 34d ago )

@reddevils I’m talking about quick resume on Xbox totally different than rest mode on ps4 and ps5

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StarLink35d ago

Can you share a link? Always trying to find one close too or better than the PS5 at a good price but never can.

NobleRed35d ago

Correct. Western Digital SN850 or the Samsung980 Pro.

ShadowWolf71235d ago (Edited 35d ago )

There are RAID configs that can clock in at higher transfer speeds, but there haven't been single commercial SSDs that can transfer at a rate to compensate for the speed + throughput.

Grievous34d ago

Theoretically faster but in practice they fall short. It's not just about raw peak throughput. PS5 SSD has a 12 channel controller to consistently handle the speed most of these SSDs have a 6-8 channel controller.

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Fntastic35d ago

Already have a 960GB 905p optane drive which has insane 4k (small file) IOPS for loading games etc