Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shinning Pearl Remake Visuals Updated, Comparison Inside

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shinning Pearl appears to have received an update on their visuals with slight tweaks based on some new screenshots.

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Servbot4134d ago

Still looks like amateur hour, but I've come to expect that from Pokemon.

CyberSentinel34d ago

I’m not sure what you were expecting, but I can’t wait.

Nebaku34d ago

It's pretty clear what people were expecting - What gamefreak has delivered with remakes for the past 20 years.

Gen.8 engine, new Pokemon forms, redesigned characters, maps remade for full 3d movement, inclusion of newer pokemon, etc.

Nebaku34d ago

Well, it is literally made by amateurs. A developer with only an app, and help on other games, to their name.

Not excusing the result we're getting, just saying.

Inverno34d ago

It's slightly darker. There saved ya a click.

Kados34d ago

Honestly i have no issues with the environments or battle stage visuals. It is the Mii style character models outside of combat that need to be changed. They are a complete joke.