Phil Spencer Explains Why Halo Infinite Doesn't Have a Release Date Yet

Halo Infinite is targeting a Holiday 2021 release window and Phil Spencer assures that the devs are committed to it, but there is a reason for no date.

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-Foxtrot30d ago

"and is happy with the quality of Halo Infinite"

I mean, he was happy with how it was a year ago before the delay...

fr0sty30d ago

They already gave us the release date, that's why... Infinite.

Bathyj30d ago

Duke Nukem forever springs to mind.

darthv7230d ago

My spidey senses tell me November. To coincide with the release of the og xb and halo.

Sonic-and-Crash29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

there was once a game called Killzone Shadowfall....that literally makes Halo Infinite look like a child free-online game in terms of quality , gameplay, art visuals.......

though it was vanished like nothing because didnt have behind it Phil and MS to sell you garbage for gold .........the recent trailer of Halo is unacceptable for a console that didnt present a new game 1 and half year now

badz14929d ago


KZSF is indeed graphically stunning and it was a launch game. GG really knows their way when it comes to graphics and even the gameplay is tight. the game was criticized for its story and I honestly think the game was unfairly reviewed by reviewers expecting too much from the next-gen at the time. If the story is really what makes or breaks a game, no Nintendo game EVER should get more than 8/10!

anubusgold29d ago

@Sonic-and-Crash Killzone wasnt that good the shooting was slow and clunky.

JEECE29d ago


I don't know why you are treating Halo like it's supposed to be a graphical showpiece. Of course Guerilla's games look better; they always have (compare Killzone 2 on PS3 to any of the 360 Halo games, for instance). I mean when Halo 3 came out it didn't look that much better than 2 given the stronger hardware, but no one plays those games for visuals. Honestly the better visuals comparison was between Killzone and Gears of War.

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phoenixwing30d ago

Have to agree with fox here. Phil is just a suit when it comes down to it. He will say whatever projects him dollar signs.

Jin_Sakai30d ago

Just like he hyped Crackdown 3. Game was garbage.

gamer780430d ago

It doesn’t do dev teams any good for them to publicly say they are not pleased. That doesn’t help anyone. They’ll do the real talks behind closed doors. I’m not sure what people expect the heads of Xbox Nintendo or Sony to say…

30d ago
GameZenith30d ago

Just like when Sony says they believe in generations.....then goes on to release GoW2 and Horizon FW and GT7 on the PS4...

Jin_Sakai29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

“Just like when Sony says they believe in generations.....then goes on to release GoW2 and Horizon FW and GT7 on the PS4...“

We have next generation only games such as Returnal and Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. We also have a next gen controller and a brand new 4K HDR UI. So in theory they do believe in generations.

29d ago
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Viking_mo30d ago

Phil Spencer, can never trust that PR man. Remember when he said he was delivering top quality games better than Sony? Last 2 years hes released nothing. Makes you wonder what could have happened if they didn't buy Bugthesda

30d ago
darthv7230d ago

Did he really say that though?

Viking_mo30d ago

Really? No one watched the interview he had on YouTube? He fired shots at Sony. Look it up on YouTube. YouTubers have summed up the interview. Of course Jim Ryan fired shots back

staticall30d ago

I found this interview: articles/2021-06-10-xbox-wants -to-release-a-game-every-three- months (just add slash between domain and path)

And Phil does say - and i quote:
«Xbox boss Phil Spencer continued: "The bottom line is that we simply put out more top quality games in front of more people than other companies."»

And also, about releasing games later on PC:
«Others bring console games to PC years later, not only making people buy their hardware upfront, but then charging them a second time to play on PC.»

DJStotty29d ago


Could have been talking about Switch, but what Viking_mo claimed Phil stated, is still false.

He did not say "he was delivering top quality games better than Sony"

He said "The bottom line is that we simply put out more top quality games in front of more people than other companies"

Which i read as, their aim is to release more top quality games, to a larger audience, than other companies, ie Nintendo, Sony, Google. He is not stating the quality of the games will be higher than the competition, more so the quality will be higher within the internal studios.

staticall29d ago


To be fair, i didn't say that that's the exact interview @Viking_mo was talking about, Phil loves to give interviews.

And, personally, i have to disagree with you on «their aim is to release more top quality games», because it doesn't sound like it's their plan, it sounds like he's bragging that they're ALREADY releasing more top quality games than Sony and Nintendo (to which i personally don't agree with). But i completely agree with you that he didn't say nothing about higher quality than other companies.

If it's the same interview @Viking_mo means, they maybe he read «that we simply put out more top quality games» as «that we simply put out more higher quality games» or something, but that's just my speculation.

DJStotty29d ago


I do not mean their aim is to release more games than the competition, but their aim is to release more games on more platforms as opposed to what they have done in the past.

This is shown with every game being on PC, as opposed to the other companies. But overall the output will be more higher quality games, accessible to more gamers across platforms, when compared to the competition.

Nineball211229d ago


Actually, I see it another way. His quote: "The bottom line is that we simply put out more top quality games, in front of more people, than other companies."

That could be taken that he is saying that they put more games in front of people... that is, he's talking about the games being available on Xbox and PC at the same time as opposed to other companies only having their games available on their consoles.

It is open for interpretation, in my opinion.

VariantAEC29d ago

[Quote]And also, about releasing games later on PC:
"Others bring console games to PC years later, not only making people buy their hardware upfront, but then charging them a second time to play on PC."[/quote]

Makes you really wonder what Phil is talking about here? Does that mean if I purchased an Xbox Series console my PC versions of games are free on Xbox because I already own them on PC??? So MSFS 2020, Forza Horizon 3/4 and Forza Motorsport 6 Apex are free for me on PC, but effectively pretty similar to FM6 on Xbox One... So again I get an Xbox and MS gives me those games for free? I doubt it.

Or conversely when games do come to PC like Halo MCC do I get any discounts for already buying portions of that collection on Xbox 360 hardware years earlier? Obviously not!!!
Yes, Phil is a lying piece of ••••, apparently that should be his official job title the way he so obviously lies.

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Jericho133730d ago

He clearly wasn’t or else the game would be out by now.

-Foxtrot30d ago

Oh he was

It's just the game was the laughing stock at last years E3, with people pointing out how rough it looked along with posting memes that it pretty much forced their hand

If people didn't say anything or if the complaints were kept more on the down low, then Microsoft would have released it.

Jericho133729d ago

Would they? Any evidence for that? Unless you’ve read a leaked document or attended a meeting at Microsoft, your comment belongs in the conjecture bin.

darthv7230d ago

I was pretty happy with it as well. I mean I had to watch it a few times to notice all the oddball stuff people made fun of (like the brutes face) but overall it had great textures and detail and particle effects and pacing. When you take a break from the fast moving action and ride the elevator... that is when you notice the distance and how it would pop in and out. If the extra time smooths out things then so be it.

chiefJohn11730d ago

Same, I only noticed the pop in. I still don't see the issue with the brute faces to this day. Like what was the problem?

UltraNova29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

The problem was that Halo, is the Xbox flagship. Halo Infinite that was supposed to be coming out on the new Xbox at launch. The new Xbox was touted as the most powerful console ever (from here to outer space), so Halo was naturally expected to show what the Xbox SEX could do in terms of visuals (you know provide actual evidence of the power..) and it didn't. Far from it, it looked like a nice xbox1 game at best.

To cut a long story short, the game failed to deliver in terms of MS's hefty expectations knowingly placed upon their fanbase. What ensued is history and what you both "don't see" is not what 99.9% of the people did - a last gen looking Halo on what is supposed to be the most powerful console ever.

Darkborn30d ago

Exactly. Before that trailer last year he was saying it was mind blowing and the best gameplay ever. The entire internet disagreed.

GameZenith30d ago

Your logic makes no sense. He delayed it.

Damned if you do Damned if you dont. If he released the game last year people bash him. He delays the game and does not want to give a definite release date....people bash him.

Welcome to the internet.

Rude-ro29d ago

They spent more time lying to consumers did the last decade and doing pr spins on average at best games..
And you are trying to call out the internet?
Microsoft LOVES consumers like you.

29d ago
Nintentional29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

You guys act like delaying a game is exclusively a Microsoft and Halo Infinite thing. Last of us 2 and last guardian were delayed multiple times on playstation and so was Breath of the Wild lol

BehindTheRows29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Last of Us II’s delays were within mere weeks of each other and hardly for the reason Infinite was.

Regardless, people aren’t going on about the delay. It’s the fact that the game releases soon, yet, has no date and was in bad shape when they first showed real gameplay. The whataboutisms don’t change that.

ScootaKuH29d ago


There are definite parallels there; forever...infinite. Two words meaning the same thing, and both seemingly in development hell.

TheExecutioner29d ago

When you promote a product of yours, you should be happy with the customer. No ??

so yes he is always happy

brewin29d ago

I thought it looked pretty good. As others have said, Halo was never meant to be this crazy graphical showpiece. It just needs to look good and play excellent. As long as the game play is there and the graphics are good I think the game will be a hit. I'm confident this thing will surprise a lot of people upon release. And obviously Halo's never been everybody's cup of tea. As long as they please their fan base does anything else really matter? I for one think it looks great and will be happy to get my hands on it on November 15th ✌️

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TGGJustin30d ago

Basically they are waiting for COD to get a date so they don't overlap during the same week.

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franwex30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

This years COD seems to be a meh one though. Unlike next years Modern Warfare 2.

But yeah probably. The only publishers that don’t care are basically Nintendo or Rockstar.

VersusDMC30d ago

They need to release before Battlefield. Cod will probrably be November. Halo needs to be the first one out because if someone buys COD or Battlefield they most likely not going to put that down to play Halo. Specially since it's free to play. Since there's no investment there's no rush to play.

But i'm wondering if Microsoft is just waiting till the next Sony conference with some release dates and release Halo on the same day as Horizon...

DJStotty29d ago

"if someone buys COD or Battlefield they most likely not going to put that down to play Halo."

They will when they realise it is more of the same old copy and paste, and Halo Infinite provides a quality fresh experience.

Ron_Danger29d ago

“Halo infinite provides a quality fresh experience”

Instead of soften the opponent with bullets and then melee, it’s soften them with bullets, then grapple, then melee.

The bread crumbs you guys view as a feast is amazing sometimes.

Seraphim30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

CoD is a juggernaught but what's it really matter. Before I go any further, yes I understand publishers do work around CoD because that will be hot seller the week of release. However, a couple weeks before or after; who cares. Xbox gamers are going to be gobbling up Halo regardless. You can't simply ignore the last quarter of the year simply because CoD drops every Oct-Nov or whatever. Set a release date and, what, Activision drops CoD a week before you, who cares, push Halo back a week or two if you feel the need. Regardless it's silly. It's not like Halo is some new IP you want, rather need to pencil in at the opportune time to help sales. Halo sells itself just like CoD. People will or not buy it be that at launch, a few months after or later.

imo, by not setting a release date this late in the game it sends the signal that the developers might not even have it finished and polished for '21. If so who gives a shit if it slides back to early '22. Yeah you might get the normal basement dwellers all up arms verbally abusing devs but they're a minority; along with a sad example of what has become of our society. Anyway if you're not confident enough to set a release date then you don't have confidence that the game will be ready to ship by years end. 2 cents.

Atom66629d ago

If changing it a week or two doesn't matter, why not just wait until you know that you won't have to change it? This isn't a big deal or some conspiracy.

He confirmed Holiday 2021. We know it won't be Oct. 22 (BF 2042) or Nov. 9 (Forza), but will likely be before Black Friday. It's a pretty small window. Might as well wait for COD to set a date.

He's correct that the much worse scenario is if they set a date and move it. Keeping it slightly flexible is the best option.

Even when hard dates are given, games get delayed. Number one complaint afterward: Why'd they even set a date!

badz14929d ago

isn't FH5 also releasing in November? seriously, when will MS learn that even if you disregard December, there are 10 other months in a calendar year?

Atom66629d ago

It's still their biggest scheduling problem.

I think they'll always load up with at least two games in that holiday period. So I expect Starfield will get coupled with Forza or something next Fall too.

At least they're stretching out a little bit this year with their 1st and 3rd party stuff over the next few months. Hopefully that continues.

I always expect delays, but if STALKER 2 hits its April date, and Redfall hits its Summer date, then that's a start. They need to get something in Jan.-March though. But I don't know what that could be.

DJStotty29d ago

Or Sony have a holiday release date for a game, and Xbox do not want Sony to go head to head with one of their big titles? It is a waiting game, i expect a Sony 1st party title to launch in the same window, the question is, which is it?

franwex28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Those are two separate platforms though. A PlayStation owner probably won’t pick up Halo anyway. Hence why Nintendo usually doesn’t care about COD as it’s it really a competition to them.

If anything Microsoft would want to go head to head with Sony to convince people to buy their platform over the other.

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TylerID30d ago

Probably wants to make sure it's as good as Crackdown 3.

phoenixwing30d ago

The mp is f2p so it's already a better value at least

RPGer29d ago

MP =/ Value no matter what.

In that sense The Crew series has more value than Midnight Club Series, which isn't the case at all.

darthv7230d ago

Hey now... CD3 is pretty damn fun.

JustTheFax30d ago

I beat it just so I could have an opinion on it. I didn't hate it, but it wasn't worth the hype or time spent making it. It was maybe a 6-6.5/10 if I am being generous.

badz14929d ago

CD3...if you want to just run around a vast open world, demolishing things around you and kill bad guys while ignoring physics, there were 2 Just Cause games released last gen which has done things so much better than CD3! if a cheezy and crappy storyline is also for you, the JC games also have you covered there as well!

execution1729d ago

The best part of the game is that video at the beginning of the game and after that it's a pretty forgettable game

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rlow130d ago

I actually enjoyed the game. Wasn't as bad as you make it out to be. Was it But was it fun and mindless fun. Yes. Plus it's on Gamepass, so no consequence.

F0XH0UND92229d ago

I love your guys' justification for a total disaster of a game as "welp, it's on gamepass so no big deal!"

Doesn't the fact that this game was artificially hyped by MS for YEARS not anger you? The fact that they were dubbing this game as a "massive, nextgen, life changing, cloud computing miracle, only capable on Xbox" extravaganza... Only for it to be literally the only and worst Xbox studios game to release in 3 years? Does that level of output not piss you off? Who needs quality exclusive games when you have dozens of terrible games on gamepass! I guess Xbox fans are a different breed.

ThinkThink29d ago

Well..yeah, because if a game ends up being meh, you're not out $70. I don't play into the hype game so it doesn't bother me.

30d ago
DJStotty29d ago

Good thing Crackdown 3 is not 1st party then right?

Not sure how you can bash xbox over a 3rd party shovel of dung.

akaFullMetal29d ago

It couldn't be because Microsoft hyped up that game to be the next evolution to gaming with the cloud ? Then they amazingly fell face first with it. Graphics and physics no where near what they showed when announced it and promised.

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GoodGuy0930d ago

Eh just let em quality up the game.

Sciurus_vulgaris30d ago

Microsoft probably wants to release Halo:Infinite without it overlapping with Call of Duty and Battlefield .

Phoenix7629d ago

Well, that's simple. Release in December and not November. We should all know by now that CoD and BF both release within 2 weeks of each other through out November by now.

JEECE29d ago

But you want to be out before Black Friday. And I know that it will be on Gamepass, but there are still plenty of people who buy games, so I'd assume that will continue to be a factor for a few more years at least.