Thrustmaster Unveils Gran Turismo Sport T-GT II Racing Wheel for PS5 & PS4

Thrustmaster unveils a new Gran Turismo Sport T-GTII racing wheel for PS5 & PS4, and it will see release in North America this fall!

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porkChop124d ago

$799? Jesus Christ, I'll pass. For $549 you don't even get pedals or the wheel, just the base.

excaliburps124d ago

Yep. It's super expensive. I got one before for like $600, and it was fantastic to use, though it eats up a ton of space.

XboxCore124d ago

And i thought those n64 wheels were expensive 20 years ago. Oh the times we live in..

StoneyYoshi124d ago

You ever use a wheel like these? Its insane! I agree the price is quite high but its $800 you wouldn't be disappointed about spending if you want a proper driving experience in a game.

RosweeSon124d ago

You can buy an actual car for that price 😅🤣🤣

EazyC124d ago

That's mental. Fanatec are releasing a PS5 DD wheel later this year and will likely cost similar. You'd have to be crazy to buy this.