Chernobylite PS4 Physical Release Announced For Late Summer 2021

The upcoming survival horror game Chernobylite officially has a PS4 physical edition coming down the pipeline later this Summer.

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REDGUM34d ago

Cool. I'm hoping then that the Chernobyl 2 game comes to ps5 in the end too. At this stage all I can see is a xbox & p.c. release for it. This announcement here makes me think the C2 game will also come to playstation but probably a timed release. Here's hoping anyway.

Greenholt2134d ago

This game presents itself as the next Stalker. But every time I look at reviews on steam it seems like everyone is pretty polarized on it. I love the setting and the base building is always welcome. But it seems to be painfully generic. Can anyone elaborate on what is holding this game Back?