Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege - Compare PS5 vs. PS4 Pro Screenshots

Tactical sweatfest Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege got its free 9th gen. upgrade a few months ago - we compare PS5 vs. PS4 Pro screenshots to see if Ubisoft delivered any substantial improvements beyond resolution.

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PrimeVinister86d ago (Edited 86d ago )

It's the worst upgrade I have seen so far. It has only been six months or so but we have seen a ton of them.

Even EA did SOMETHING to FIFA 21.


I was so hyped when they initially announced the upgrade but other than the added 120 fps it's a total bust. I love the game and still play it alot but Ubisoft could have came better than that.

PrimeVinister86d ago


I remember reading about how it was coming with much higher quality textures, additional lighting and shadow effects and all that good stuff. That never happened, obviously.

anast86d ago

Thank you for fighting the good fight.


They need to work on making R6 levels procedurally generated. It’s too tough to compete with people who watched more YouTube videos on top murder holes. Map knowledge is too valuable in a game where quarter sized holes can be made in most walls for shooting through. Thus, I think the entire game needs to be refocused to allow teamwork and tactics to prevail easier.

PrimeVinister86d ago

Cheap d**kheads using pixel peaks they found on YouTube is terrible but I would prefer new maps to keep it fresh.

And for the devs to keep an eye on YouTube 🤣🤣


They said they want to add less maps because even top players don’t have time to learn even MORE maps.

I think maps need to be more like shells, and the internal setup needs to shuffle each round. This would change Siege entirely, but I think it is the only way I’m going back. In reality, operators get intel to prep off of, but they need to be able to improvise, too.

I think procedurally generating interiors is the only way to shift the game away from pixel peaking.

PrimeVinister86d ago

That's a really good idea, to be fair 🤔