Starfield Needs To Fix Bethesda's Usual Problems

From The Gamer: "“It’s not a bug, it’s a feature.” How many times have you heard someone with 3,000 hours in Skyrim rattle off that age-old adage, eh? Fallout’s jank is the best thing about it, according to the guy who’s still worshipping a dead bomb with the Children of Atom in 2277 Megaton. Honestly, I love The Elder Scrolls and Fallout, but come on - the only good bugs are the Skyrim horse glitch and the absurdity of sex percent runs in Fallout 3."

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SullysCigar35d ago

Skyrim was definitely enjoyable, but I encountered a bug that wouldn't let me 100% the game SIX YEARS after it had released. Unacceptable.

There's a reason some call them 'Bugthesda'.

darthv7235d ago (Edited 35d ago )

My son had that happen on his PS3, so he switched to the 360 version and he was able to complete it. He also ran into one playing Fallout 4 on XBO so he ended up playing it on PS4. They really need to do some proper bug testing.

Darkborn35d ago

Why would they when the fans and modders do it for them for free and don't care?

Inverno35d ago

Longer still was me finding out I couldn't cure my character of vampirism in OBLIVION because the whole quest is bugged in the GOTY edition.

Thundercat7735d ago

Todd said that not making games for Playstation will make their games better!!

So, since Playstation was the excuse, this problem is solved and new Behtestha games will no longer have bugs... Right?

NeoGamer23235d ago

That is not what he meant. It is purely logical.

Develop for two platforms and it is difficult to ensure everything is perfect.

Develop for one platform and it is easier to deliver.

That is just logic.

dividedbyn1ght35d ago

And yet you can't climb ladders in Starfield. 😅

SullysCigar35d ago

^ I expect there'll be plenty of elevators ;^P

Army_of_Darkness34d ago

Well, they will still be working on multiple platforms (Xbox series s/x & pc) so according to your logic, Bugs and glitches will still be present.

NeoGamer23234d ago

First, I never said there would be no bugs.

Second, the XB console uses a modified version of Windows for the console so it is one platform.

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No Way35d ago

It's pretty obvious focusing on one system is better overall than developing for five.

porkChop35d ago

Exclusives benefit from having less platforms to optimize for, so why would this be any different? And that isn't the wording he used or his intent, so don't twist what he said.

jjb198134d ago

That doesn't excuse the PC versions. I hope they really step it up and release a game that just works without game game-breaking bugs and doesn't have a day-one 47GB patch.

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Silly Mammo35d ago

The thrashing corpse bug seems to have been in every game since Oblivion.

D3TH_D33LR35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Lmao it’s their ancient engine. No new engine? Same old shit. The only issue PlayStation had with their games was the PlayStation 3s ram allocation. This game just wrecks the shit out of your RAM the more you play. That’s why save files would corrupt so fast on ps3 but Xbox 360 had more RAM allocated for games, so it ran into the same problems but much later in the games lifecycle. Saying it’s a a feature or blaming Sony for their problems is just an excuse for lazy development on Bethesda’s part

fitofficial35d ago

I remember when Skyrim first came out for the PS3 the save files were HUGE because they didn't clean up any object positions over time. Cloud storage was like "40 MB per save file? Nope."

D3TH_D33LR35d ago

Lmao yup and once you hit the 15 mb save point your game would just freeze within 10-15 mins of loading. I think they ended up updating the game to save item positions for only 30 days in game which helped a bit but on PS3 max playtime went from like 40-45 hours to 80-90 hours. I had 550 hours on my 360 save and a house decorated full of shit before I started getting to the point it was unplayable for me

SlothLordPootus32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

@D3TH They must have patched that by the time I got that far because I have a PS3 save with 130 hours on it. But that was probably 1-2 years post launch.

CYALTR35d ago


"Lmao it’s their ancient engine. No new engine? Same old shit."

Though it is not mentioned specifically in this article, Bethesda has developed a new engine for Starfield called Creation Engine 2.

For all of the fanboys who will now scream, "That's not new, they have used Creation Engine for years!!" re-read the statement. The Creation Engine 2 is a NEW system developed for the new gaming generation. I'm sure they didn't completely start from scratch, as the original Creation Engine was definitely functional, even with it's many shortfalls. It is similar to Unreal when they launch a new version of their engine. It is indeed a new system, just based on the old one. No real need to start completely from scratch, keep the good and work on the issues.

Now you certainly can make a very compelling argument that they SHOULD be on Creation Engine 4 by now. They definitely squeezed every last drop out of the old one and then some. It's possible that Bethesda just doesn't know how to develop a decent system, but I doubt it. Guess we will find out next year.

D3TH_D33LR35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Fanboys? Nobody’s fanboying when they say it’s the same engine lol. Call of duty remakes their same Id Tech engine every year. Dice and Frostbite too. Unless they’re ditching and fixing major known creation engine issues all that means to me is this new engine will support 4k textures and some new particle effects. Maybe even supports some realistic physics too rather than the hilarious way it’s handled now. Just saying they have a new iteration means no bugs. If anything this means brand new bugs we haven’t seen before will be making appearances

Rebel_Scum35d ago

Its the same engine though innit. Calling it “2” just means its a major release.

Darkborn35d ago

Bethesda announced years ago the game after starfield would get a new game engine meaning elder scrolls 6.

DJStotty34d ago (Edited 34d ago )


"Call of duty remakes their same Id Tech engine every year."

Idtech is not COD's engine lol, they used the same version of idtech sure (idtech3), and created the IW engine based off idtech, but it is ID Software's engine (now Microsoft's).

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