Dreams - Mercedes-Benz Collaboration Teaser | PS5, PS4

Fast forward to the year 2078... Go on a journey with Eshe and her AI companion Kody. In this Dreams creator collaboration with Mercedes-Benz.

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SullysCigar117d ago

Okay I love Dreams, but I have no idea what I just saw lol

How about that multiplayer patch? That will be a game changer!

Teflon02117d ago

Legit don't understand what I saw too. Maybe they'll be adding some dlc stages for free or something. But yeah I agree on that update. I'm assuming if that ps5 version is in the works it'll likely come when that drops but that does need to drop asap

P_Bomb117d ago

Indeed. It’s been over a year and there’s some great MP potential on some of these maps.

Sonic-and-Crash115d ago

Dreams is an unbelivable tool -game ....i have also created some things there but all the amateurs games and 3d art inside its world are pure fun ....

is nt a just random event that Mercedes collaborated with Dreams

itBourne116d ago

Multiplayer and multiplayer creation... Had several people that didnt get the game because of that sole reason.. really a shame...