Steam Cracks Down On Account Region Swapping Abuse

It's now going to be harder to buy games cheaply if you're from a first-world country, as Steam is finally beginning to crack down on account region swapping abuse.

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bradfh42d ago

maybe it should be the same price.

Vits42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

The issue is how you would do that.

If you make every country price based on the lower income regions. The average profit for a new game will go down tenfold, console manufacturers would go nuts with the difference princing for PC versions and while that represent very little now. Brick and mortar stores would refuse to carry the game.

If you make every country price based on the higher income regions. Sales would go down and piracy would rise in the lower income regions. So you basically fuck up everything that regional princing accomplished so far.

In a perfect world everybody would have the same purchase power and therefore the prices being the same would be viable. We definitely don't live in a perfect world though.

MetalGearsofWar42d ago

So the answer is piracy for both regions?

bradfh42d ago

Steam is is mostly on PC not console and everything is digital so people that are trying to get game for cheaper because they cant afford it and doesnt want to pirate the game because looks like a lot of work to do. only thing this fix is will just make the guy pirate the game.

Vits42d ago


The difference is floor/celling though. If someone from a developed country is abusing this system to pay less for games that they can't afford the issue lies with the person themselves. They live in a place where the surrounding circumstances allow them to have leeway to afford games for their original price. For example the US minimum wage is around U$15,080 while in a place like Brazil it is U$2,671. And even if you take into account the cost of living of those places numbeo puts Brazil only about 60% below the US.

Then you have to take into account the amount of people in those circumstances. The last gov survey pointed out 1.8 million people living with up to a minimum wage in the US. How many people in Brazil live with up to their minimum wage? 105 million. So not only they live with less than half of what a American do, but there is almost 10x more people in those circumstances.

Sure in the worst case scenario that will be 1.8 million americans that will pirate the game. But how many more people will pirate it on those places that got fucked up by those 1.8 million abusing the system? It's safe to assume that it will be much more. Probably enough for a country like Brazil to spend U$57.73 billion on pirated products per year. Because they like it? No, because thanks to those that abuse the system, motivating publishers to pull out of regional pricing. We see things like new Battlefield being sold for literally R$300 while almost 40% of the population (84,5 million people) live with R$450 monthly.

And again that is for ONE market. And you can project that for pretty much every other place that got fucked up by these abuse.