E3 2021 Made Me Buy an Xbox Series X

With their incredible exclusives and announcements, Microsoft convinced me to buy their newest console.

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DJStotty40d ago

"I bought an Xbox Series X right after E3 2021."

Where from? please share so we can get one also

darthv7239d ago

I get emails from Gamestop with specific dates and times of the restocks. Im surprised more arent signed up for those. That is how I got the PS5 and Series S (and soon a Series X).

Rimeskeem39d ago

I am all for freedom of opinions but I must ask:

Why did you get a Series S when you are also getting a Series X?

darthv7239d ago

^^I get asked that a lot but my answer is really simple. I game in more than one room. I currently have the S in the living room to use for media streaming and playing my digital library and GP games. It is there because it is small and inconspicuous. My game room is where the PS5 is along with a One X for all the disc based games. That one will be replaced with the Series X and then my One X will go on the shelf next to the others.

Aarontk39d ago

Do you have to be signed up for GameStop’s membership to get notified when the X is in stock?

DJStotty39d ago

We do not have a Gamestop here in the UK, you can get notifications from Game, but their website is that poor and slow, by the time you have it in your basket they are out of stock again lol.

I already have an X, but i know a few friends are trying and slowly getting hold of them.

darthv7238d ago

@Aaron... that im not sure of but I have been a rewards member for a while so I think at least you just have to opt in to receive their marketing emails. i know how people feel about GS, I dont trade in to them myself. i only buy when I see a good deal and that adds you to their email list if you have bought from their website.

Although recently they announced they were going to have limited systems in store for both PS5 and X|S and I was tempted to take one of my One S in to trade. It would have taken $150 off the X price but my local stores ran out. I tried 3 different ones. One store said they only had like 4 units each so yeah they went fast.

You can at least sign up to receive their promotions and the restock emails count towards that so best of luck.

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neutralgamer199239d ago

Amazon Canada has had Xbox series X/S in stock all day today

darthv7239d ago

It seems today is a drop day (restock) as GS announced they had them as well. So lets see how long it lasts.

neutralgamer199239d ago


That's good man hopefully both companies can get their production in order so more gamers can get them. These scalpers are getting out of hand man. People on Facebook have sold 20+ next generation consoles at a premium

iplay1up239d ago

Amazon has them here in the U.S. too, but not at MSRP. You can pick Series X up, for just $999. I can get a PS5 for $1200.

I have had my Series X since January. I got lucky.

darthv7239d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Just got an email that GS has Series X through All Access. So go go go...

Nineball211239d ago (Edited 39d ago )

I just checked that link:

There are still units available if anyone wants to get one.

Zeref39d ago

Some countries have better stock than others. And some stores let you reserve it for an upfront cost. That's how I got mine close to launch.

Smellsforfree39d ago

Find someone on Twitter that is tweets on restock and set them up on your phone so you get a push notification for every one of their tweets. That is how I ended up getting a PS5 from Best Buy.

NeoGamer23239d ago

I am not sure how smart it is to see an E3 and go out and even want to buy an XB. Personally, I do "research" before i go and blow $500 USD.

DJStotty39d ago

Maybe because they were interested in the games shown at E3?

I mean, that is why anyone buys any console right?

Army_of_Darkness39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Buying a series X didn't cross my Mind at all after ms's E3... However, I was impressed with all the day 1 gamepass releases! It's Better to just subscribe to gamepass no?

RaiderNation39d ago

Same. I'm still not sure what about their E3 that everyone is so enamored with but to each their own. We still don't know what the hell Starfield is. Halo MP looked...OK I guess. Flight Simulator is pretty but my God ZZZZzzzzzzz. Forza Horizon looked really good and I would play that but aside from that, everything they have revealed that remotely interests me is still YEARS away. By 2023 the XSX might be worth getting but NOW? Ha! No way.

brewin39d ago

Sign up for PowerUp Rewards, Gamestop gives dibs to those who have it!

OneLove39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Best bet is to check major retails everyday and follow re stock twitter accounts. Grabbed mine from Walmart when they were announcing re stock about a day ahead sometimes.

38d ago
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Jin_Sakai40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

I’m thinking about selling my Series X. It’s collecting dust and all see is more Forza and Halo this holiday. I enjoy playing PS5 more. Much better games and a more interesting lineup.

Orchard40d ago

You’ll have no problem selling it - that thing is in crazy high demand.

Heck I’ll buy it if you’re in the states and selling at/near MSRP - hit me up.

Rimeskeem39d ago

It's not hard to have demand for something when so little is being made.

Orchard39d ago

@Rimeskeem Yep which is why Xbox Series and PS5 are both sold out. During normal times this console shortage wouldn’t be a thing.

Notellin39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

You're such a narcissist to think anyone cares about your fanboy opinion. It's pathetic to see you on every article posting biased and useless comments like anyone respects or values anything you have to say.

Jin_Sakai39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

“You're such a narcissist to think anyone cares about your fanboy opinion. It's pathetic to see you on every article posting biased and useless comments like anyone respects or values anything you have to say.”

You're triggered that I might sell my Series X because it’s collecting dust? I’ve been enjoying Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart and playing my PS5 much more so it seems like the logical thing to do.

39d ago
Rimeskeem39d ago

Imagine coming to the internet and believing people actually care or respect your opinion. I think that's your problem, you believe people say things on the internet because they want respect or value. Some just like looking at responses and thinking how stupid someone is for getting triggered at something worthless.

Lexreborn239d ago

Imagine coming to an article where someone is spreading their opinion on why they bought something that doesn’t affect any of our lives. And getting mad at someone who gave their opinion on an opinion article for saying he’s thinking of selling his device that has no effect on any of us.

Like you really got happy for one opinion and mad for another. You have a lot of energy you didn’t need to people you will never meet.

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EasilyTheBest39d ago

Jin, your salt is real. Do you actually think that any regular or semi regular N4G reader can't see through your lies.
It's so cringe.
What on earth are you trying to achieve

Jin_Sakai39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

“Jin, your salt is real. Do you actually think that any regular or semi regular N4G reader can't see through your lies.”

Care to explain?

DJStotty39d ago


You see Forza and Halo, i saw Starfield, Stalker 2, Hellblade 2, Sea of Thieves, Flight simulator, 12 minutes, outer worlds 2, hell i'm keeping mine!!!

39d ago
DJStotty39d ago

Seconded, i will pick up a PS5 once time and funding (and availability) allows, so then i have the best of everything.

Jin_Sakai39d ago

“You see Forza and Halo, i saw Starfield, Stalker 2, Hellblade 2, Sea of Thieves, Flight simulator, 12 minutes, outer worlds 2, hell i'm keeping mine!!!“

Hellblade 2 and Outer Worlds 2 are a long ways off. Starfield is late 2022 assuming it doesn’t get delayed.

The big games this year is more Forza and Halo.

SpineSaw39d ago


@@Jin said "its collecting dust"..... you point out games that are months and months away from release some 18 months away and after delays it'll be much longer that's a lot more dust to collect before you see a Xbox next gen game release. So for those that want a Xbox series console what's the point when you have no reason to use it? None! at least Sony has given games that the ps5 user can only play on a PS5. So when is that first next gen Xbox First Party game releasing? Forza Horizon 5 is not it, Sea of Thieves crossover nope! Halo multiplayer not it these games you mentioned are on the lesser Xbox consoles not in anyway next gen so when ... How much longer do these people gotta wait?.... Or is it wait till E3 2022?

Automatic7938d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Don't forget Psychonauts 2, Redfall, The Ascent, Replaced, Sommerville, Atomic Heart and Anacrusis. So many and all the announcements weren't made. More to come.

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iplay1up239d ago

Sell it, and stop bashing every Xbox article. I honestly doubt you even have Series X. Looking at your comment history, it is pretty clear you wouldn't buy one to begin with.

Orchard39d ago

After reading your comment history, I'm inclined to agree with the above - I doubt you have spent $500 on an Xbox.

Feel free to prove me wrong - my inbox is open - send me a picture with my username handwritten.

ScootaKuH39d ago

Why do they have to prove anything to you?

Orchard39d ago

He doesn’t, but similarly no one needs to believe he spent $500 on a console he detests.

39d ago
TyrellCorp39d ago

Yeah Xbox E3 actually further motivated me to wait to purchase XSX, till probably early 2023. Starfield may push me sooner if not delayed, and there’s some seriously interesting titles coming after that. But that show cemented zero reason to upgrade from the 1X until then for me.

brewin39d ago

Youre crazy still gaming on the 1X when Series X is a ridiculous upgrade for your current games. I had a hard time finding a Series X at launch, so I continued playing things like Cyberpunk and AC Valhalla on the 1X. Then I got lucky at Gamestop and scored a Series X bundle. I was utterly shocked at the difference! In generations past, its been just a slight incremental difference at first. But with Series X, the upgrade is unreal! Even for a game like Cyberpunk. That is not X/S enhanced yet, but it looks and plays 10x better. AC Valhalla on the other hand, which is X/S upgraded, WOW what a difference! It just looks so much better, plays so much smoother, and loads 100x faster! You will not regret the upgrade!

nickanasty20639d ago (Edited 39d ago )

More power to you. Definitely sell it if you aren't using it. No need for dust collectors. I know several people that would take it off your hands and get some use out of it. I felt similar about my PS5 before Ratchet and Clank came out. But now that I am done with it, it will sit until the next Sony exclusive. I don't want to bother with selling it though because I know there are games coming out in the future i don't want to miss out on. If you don't like Halo or Forza, i can completely understand why you wouldn't want to keep it. Unfortunately Halo is sort of my thing, so can't sell mine.

NeoGamer23239d ago

You can't sell what you don't own to start with.

SavageFlamingo39d ago

Plenty of people attempt to, though 😂

jcole9739d ago

Yeah, those games don’t interest everyone. I’d sell it too if it didn’t have games I wanted. Why’d you buy it in the first place?

nickanasty20639d ago

This is probably the best question of the bunch.

39d ago
NotoriousWhiz39d ago

Who buys a console at/near launch and then decides to sell it before its even been on the market for 2 years?

At least, you'll have no problem making your money back, but seems pointless to not wait until at least 2 years in to see how things are going.

chiefJohn11739d ago (Edited 39d ago )

I'll buy it from you
It's funny though how you bought it knowing nothing that interested you was out at the time, now that games are bout to start rolling in you wanna sell it 😂. Like wtf?
It's like starting a business during lock down then when the pandemic starts to end and business can finally open, you wanna sell it cause you see no potential to make money lmao.

Om4ever39d ago

@jinsakai... Just did the opposite with same logic 😁

strifeblade39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

So you buy Xbox after Xbox for years has only had and Forza... Only to be surprised it has Halo and forza again for your to sell it before they release? You my friend are slightly slow in the head.

strifeblade39d ago

I actually owned a ps5 and choose to sell it. Sony didn't support Atmos or dolby vision and the fact it had weaker hardware means multiplats are going to be worse. Sony ignores high end gamers to save money and not pay a cent to Dolby.

Automatic7938d ago

Sell it. No need to hold when so many want to play and enjoy.

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Gameseeker_Frampt39d ago

Oh look, another poorly thought-out opinion piece by Morgan Lewis and his continued attempts to tear down Sony. This time he wrote an entire opinion piece praising XBox just so he could attack Sony. I guess the PS5's massive success and that it is outselling his beloved Nintendo Switch gets us these gems - "Sony has not shown any reason to own the console at this point though" and "Nintendo sold gamers on their hardware. Sony has yet to do this. They fail to evolve when every other hardware company continues to."

DJStotty39d ago

Outselling Switch? Is it?

Gameseeker_Frampt39d ago

Yes, it is. The PS5 is the fastest selling console ever in the United States, in both units and dollars.

Tacoboto39d ago

The Switch has still been outselling the PS5 in unit numbers in the US for all but maybe one month since the PS5 released. However, even though that is true, the PS5 is selling at a quicker rate than the Switch (or any other console) did at launch.

So, depending on your time reference for "outselling", either way is right. Switch is outselling PS5 currently. PS5 is outselling Switch relative to period of availability.

Banthis39d ago

Switch is the best seller. Check your facts fam

Kerppamaister39d ago

@Banthis people don't like real facts here, rather alternate truths.

DJStotty39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Ah, you did not say US, nor 1 region weekly sales though, nor launch windows time period, you simply said PS5 is outselling Switch.

Which is false, unless PS5 is already at over 80 million consoles sold?

As opposed to region by region, maybe, but that is a bad way to twist something to fit a narrative, just go by facts, it is easier.

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waverider39d ago

you are right they arent very good in math. They dont understand if the PS5 is selling more then the PS4 that got 115 or 120 milions consoles... and its not just 200k more like them with the flop of last gen...

brewin39d ago

Well, I own both and I can honestly say the new Ratchet and Clank IS reason to own a PS5! That game is crazy good! However, I still prefer my series X at this point. Gamepass gives me so many options to play Series X enhanced games at little cost, so I just gravitiate towards that more often than my PS5. But like I said, I cannot put R&C down until I complete it! Im only 30% but I am having a blast! Looks great, plays even better! Both are great systems and as gamers we are in for one hell of a great generation! I cannot stress enough that you just have to own both this gen! Hell, with the money saved from not purchasing games on Series X due to gamepass, you could easily afford a ps5. Thats how I justified it.

Levii_9239d ago

Well those CGI trailers and same old games sure were incredible. Those would definitely make a normal person spend 500 or more bucks and definitely not a corporate shill who probably didn’t even buy the console.

Mister_Wolf39d ago

I have the PS5 and the XSX, so far all I have played on the PS5 are the same ol’ games. R&C, and Miles. They look better but they’re the same ol’ games as their previous entries in the franchises.

IamFrasierCrane39d ago

Same old games? Miles Morales is literally a stand alone expansion for a brand new IP. You’re also ignoring Returnal. Don’t sit here and act like those are in the same vein as Halo and Forza. Sony definitely has some long standing franchises, but they’re also providing new experiences as well. This is how it’s always been. The same can’t be said for MS and I hope that’s about to change.

glennhkboy39d ago

Sea of Thieves is real game play. Forza Horizon 5 is real game play. Flight Sim is real game play. Yes Outer Worlds 2 is 99% fake CGI. Several new IP are announced. I guess you didn't even bother to follow the actual E3 presentation.

Gamble2038d ago

I started playing Sea of Thieves yesterday, only did the Maiden voyage tutorial but my gosh is it boring so far. Going to keep going of course, not fair to judge on the tutorial. But not sure what the hype is about yet.