Rumor: Home Coming in 10 Days Time

On a recent Home feature published on the Times Online UK website:

To try Home, which is slated for release in the next 10 days, players must download a piece of free software from Sony's PlayStation store onto their own PS3.

This is not official and not confirmed by anyone, but we all heard the promises that Home will come by the end of 2008. Is December 16 the date?

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Cajun Chicken3603d ago

Awesome. I'd love to see what Home brings.

vitz33602d ago

What's with the stupid question mark at the end? Is the article asking me? How the f*ck should I know when Home is coming out?

Seriously this type of reporting needs to stop, it's pointless BS.

Sayai jin3602d ago

I got a beta key a few weeks ago and I personally think it is not ready for release in December. I know a lot of people have been waiting for what could be a great addition to the PSN. BTW, I got another beta key; it's from my son's PS3/PSN account. PM me if you are interested. It will go fast.

Royantk3602d ago

Well, sony has said many times before that home will be released before christmas. So Desember 16 doesn't seem like an unreal date.

whoelse3602d ago

I disagree. Home will be ready if when the open beta comes, the game rooms come also.

Mr_Showtime13602d ago

Have you ever taken an english class? It's called a rhetorical question...

TheDude2dot03602d ago

@person above who pretends to know English

This obviously isn't a rhetorical question because the article is literally asking whether it is coming out on December 16.

M3 Superhero3602d ago

lol i havent managed to get into home n ive rly been anticipating the beta = (. i hope this rumor is tru..

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jamesrocks31473603d ago

it has to be within the next 2-3 weeks at the most

xbotpleasefixme3602d ago

you would think they would want to roll it out before christmas so 16-23 should be the right week IF they are going to hit their deadline.

Itrguy0013602d ago

thatd be cool to see Home out in 2 weeks or 1 week hopefully since they uploaded a lot of stuff already.. and Sony needs to add in more Pool Tables, Chess Tables, Bowling alleys, Arcade stands, and anything else cause their was huge lines for those when i was Playing Home

Karum3602d ago

Keep in mind tho9ugh that there isn't a hell of a lot more to do than that in Home right now. When the full release is rolled out we'll be in there to meet people to launch rela games. I got bored of the beta very quickly because as it is right now there is barely anything to do.

Looking forward very much to more of the features becoming active and I think then I'll use it a lot.

mhr5123602d ago

I agree, the beta is tremendously boring.

The most entertaining thing to do is to make an avatar of a hot chick then get a bunch of dudes to dance with you. Once you have several guys dancing around you, switch to an avatar of a fat bald man on all the dudes dancing with you.

That creates some interesting interactions!!!! LOL

shanestables3602d ago

lol, i done that a few times. quite funny. prob only good thing about home. most ppl just stand still! not what i imagined it to be but hey its only beta right!?

40cal3602d ago

I hope so. I want everyone to be able to have the great time that I have been able to have with the service.

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