Report: EA Uploads Battlefield Build to the PlayStation Network

EA has uploaded a "Battlefield" build to the PlayStation Network, and signs point to Battlefield 2042.

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excaliburps86d ago

Yep. Seems to be an alpha. Might be that closed alpha thing they mentioned at the reveal.

northpaws86d ago

Played too many battlefields/CoD, recently tried Chivalry 2, it is surprisingly deep and fun.

Nitrowolf286d ago

dam haha been meaning to try that one

TheColbertinator86d ago

I like FPS games too but I shake it up every month with something different. Returned to Crusader Kings 3 lately.

BioShockGX85d ago

I want to try it but i fear it will die soon and servers will be empty.

jivah85d ago

Surprisingly deep? Fun yes but deep? 150hrs in the game It's not deep at all. That's all you kinda get.

Hikoran83d ago

Yeah not sure about depth, sure when you first see all the weapon options your mind blows, but trust me.. There's no more than 50 hours in Chivalry before you go back to BF or Cod or Apex etc.

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generic-user-name86d ago

Seeing as they showed the gameplay reveal at the MS event, I'm wondering if there's gonna be any exclusive early access to a beta on Xbox first.

85d ago