Overwatch Cross-play is Now Live for All Consoles

A few weeks ago, Blizzard Entertainment has announced that it would be implementing cross-play to Overwatch. Now, it's finally live and PC and console.

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And? Nothing they do will fix this unbalanced shit, all they do is release events and not care about anything else. Happy I uninstalled this shit many months ago. Way too many times in all game modes I'm on teams or the opposite team with players either in diamond, master etc mixed with gold, bronze platinum. I mean how is this balanced? LOL I know because there are quite a few that leave their profiles public. What does Blizzard do about this? Shit as you can see.

Epicor35d ago

Game is not unbalanced. It's in it's best shape ever. All heroes (minus Bastion) are viable. Matchmaking has some issues, especially on less popular regions. I believe this cross-play was introduced partially to tackle these matchmaking issues.

I know OW is not as relevant as it used to be but still don't hate it for the wrong reasons. Major reason why OW is losing players currently is not balance but rather lack of content. New heroes haven't been introduced in ages!


The heroes are fine it's the players ranking that is all over the place, that's the biggest problem with this game. As I stated above being paired with or the opposite team where there is more often than not, players are diamond or gold, bronze etc. This is so unbalanced you have all skill levels all over the place. Does Blizzard do anything? Nope.

Epicor34d ago

I hear you. Although I feel Blizzard is finally doing something about it: This cross-play should help, right? More players in same pool = easier to match players with others equally ranked players.

Sciurus_vulgaris35d ago

I don’t play Overwatch. However, am surprised the 30FPS Switch version of the game has cross play with the other platforms.

SegaSaturn66935d ago

Haven't played in ages, but wouldn't the switch version hold others back with load time? I guess it's true of last gen too, though. I guess that's the tradeoff.

Sciurus_vulgaris35d ago

The Switch has half as much RAM and considerably less CPU power than XB1 and PS4. However, the Switch is loading in lower quality assets than the other platforms. But I would still assume it can’t load Overwatch matches as quickly as the other platforms.

Teflon0235d ago

Everything will hold back load times seeing I play with a NVMe Samsung 970 pro lol

Epicor35d ago

Switch version has lower quality assets so that will compensate for sure. Maybe Switch version is not able to load all the assets at the start of the match but simply add them few secs later. This happens on PS4 Pro on some game modes where respawns happens fast.