Christmas Sales Casualties

CVG writes: "So many big games, not enough money to buy them. Story of your life. Not ours, we get promos. We are here to help you pick out some gems that were failed by their marketing budgets.

Many have felt the pinch and there have been some painful decisions made (Woolies going under is just the tip of the iceberg). But some of 2008's most hyped titles have failed to capture the contents of your wallets."

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voodoo3413605d ago

So a game doesn't sell over a million copies on it's first week of sales and it's classed as a failure.

I can remember CVG saying the same thing about MGS4 and how did that end up? Give it time.

Irishrocket693605d ago

If we give it anymore time the next gen. will be out!

Doppy3604d ago

I honestly think as time goes on many of these game will go on to be million seller, as long as gamers stay interested.

Honestly there were just way too many games coming out in such a short span of time that there was no way for your average gamer to get all of them.

360 had - Fable 2, Gear 2, Left 4 Dead, and Banjo.
PS3 had - Motorstorm 2, Resistance 2, LBP, SOCOM, and Bioshock

and with all the great multiplatform games - Dead Space, Far Cry 2, Fallout 3, Tomb Raider, Mirror's Edge, etc... It was hard for many games to sell well when there were so many different types of games to choose from.

They have up until the end of January, because after that 2009 really kicks in so check back in late January to see what happens.

Johnny Rotten3605d ago

I'm picking up Tomb Raider for the 360 and Resistance 2 for the PS3.

DrWan3605d ago

IMO, TR looks better on the PS3. but ur choice

Johnny Rotten3605d ago

I'm picking it up for the 360 because it's one of the wife's favorite games and she prefers the controller. ;)

IzKyD13313605d ago

heres a better option, don't get tomb raider at all, there are like 5 titles I can name that are more worth your money

BLuKhaos3604d ago

Well if his wife likes it then why shouldn't he get it?

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Kuhz3605d ago (Edited 3605d ago )

PlayStation 3 had a fantastic holiday weekend this black friday. Outselling our friends over at Microsoft worldwide, it's no doubt to us that this Christmas friends and family will be purchasing PlayStation 3's for their loved ones. With the most AAA exclusives in 2008, and even more in 2009, PlayStation 3 proves to be the console of choice for everyone.

Only on PlayStation 3 can consumers play exclusive titles such as Metal Gear Solid 4, Buzz!, LittleBigPlanet, Valkyria Chronicles, Resistance Fall of Man, Resistance 2, Uncharted Drakes Fortune, Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction, Heavenly Sword, Warhawk, Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm, Killzone 2, God of War III, InFamous, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, exclusive Mirror's Edge DLC, Bioshock DLC, and many more. PlayStation Network, offers consumers a wide library of games on there as well, ranging from PlayStation 1 classics, to PSP Games, to full fledged original PSN titles only found on PlayStation Network. With Home launching before Christmas, consumers of all ages will be rushing out to get a PlayStation 3 as they did this Black Friday.

World wide black Friday sales showed what consumers want under their Christmas trees in the coming weeks.

They want PlayStation.

Irishrocket693605d ago

I think you drank some bad egg nog and now you are hallucinating. Just to clear your garbled thinking the PS3 did not out sell X360, and as far as your exclusives go, no one is buying them. And since I'm disappointing you with the facts I might as well let you know that Santa Clause is not real. Welcome back to reality.

Captain_Sony3605d ago

"World wide black Friday sales showed what consumers want under their Christmas trees in the coming weeks. "
Yes and sales showed what people wanted was anything but a PS3.I might believe people want the PS3 when it can manage to outsell any other console in a given year. It is interesting that it did outsell 1 platform that outsold it through most of 07.. Yes 08 was the year that PS3 finally outsold the GBA..

dukadork3605d ago


each of these games are absolute must-have
nothing comes even close in their specific genre

motorstorm2 is the wildest best looking offroad racing in history
resistance2 is the best online shooter of the year hands down
LBP is a feast for the creative mind, the best casual fun and an amazing foreplay when you wanna get laid :P

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KING853605d ago

Gamers should understand one thing clearly and that is sales do not determine how bad or great a game is. Now perhaps I understand the article and maybe the writer felt obliged to write it, but why would anyone think that sales for Bioshock on the PS3 would be through the roof I do not know? I picked it up sure, but I never thought it would sell 2 mill. I mean if you didn't get it on the 360 or pc I guess then if you wanted it then you would get it for the PS3. It's not like they were all released simultaneously. Plus we all have to take into account that we have other obligations other than gaming. Families, rent, mortgage, bills. I mean I like playing my 360 and PS3, but I am not gonna drop 60 bucks on a game when I know I have the gas bill to pay.

Captain_Sony3605d ago

People are still buying games. Lots of them, just not a very big amount of the ones brought up. It looks to me more like people just have other preferences they would prefer to pick up first. IMO we wont know if any of these games are really flops until Jan or Feb. I know there are 1 or 2 on that list that I plan on getting later on. I just wanted other games first. While I want to play many games out right now it would be foolish to buy them all at once when it could be a month or two before I get to some of them.

The Judderman3605d ago

Kuhz--- you need to get a grip. Sony did get outsold hugely black friday and worldwide for the year.
Sony are still in the game and have some great games coming but wake up and smell the coffee.

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