Sonic is now in Minecraft

"Everyone’s favourite blue hedgehog has been added to Minecraft. Sonic is here! and so are his textures. From the trailer it looks like we can expect stage textures, as well as some items and enemies from the classic games." Bert @ Thumb Culture

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Fntastic93d ago

Seems an unusual crossover, but if it works then why not i guess?

ZeekQuattro93d ago

This is tame. Unusual is booting up Fist of the North Star Revive and seeing Sonic is now playable in a FOTNS game. Lol

Orchard93d ago

Cue the “Microsoft buying Sega” rumors resurfacing…

phoenixwing93d ago

They can't the parent company of sega is worth too much

Orchard93d ago

I was jokingly referring to the on-going 12 month+ rumor about MS buying Sega that resurfaces every couple of months or when they do any form of partnership or MS releases a blue controller etc.

MS could afford it - Sega Sammy is worth about half of Zenimax, but just because you could doesn't mean you should.