What Is Blue Box? A Vast Conspiracy Grips the Video Game World

Gamers want to believe a new horror title from an obscure Dutch studio is a front for the next Silent Hill game.

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Obelisk92704d ago

After all of the denials the studio made, it's quite difficult to believe this is seriously Silent Hill or Kojima undercover.

Still, there are WAY too much coincidences, so something must be going on.

elazz704d ago

This studio has never released a game even though source credit themself for multiple projects. That's what I find odd.
But maybe it is a new studio with a good writer and marketing person.

NecrumOddBoy704d ago

So far there have been about 20 individual notable coincidences that point to Kojima and Silent Hill. It’s getting to the point where there seems to be even more connections found then even intended if this actually is an ARG for a new Kojima game. Like the tree in the trailer cutting off the letters P and T. The Dutch flag on Sam Bridges uniform in the new death stranding trailer. This Turkish directors last name translates from “Hideo.” His trophy list count is the same number as the date silent Hills was canceled. Just wild “coincidences?”

Sherif129704d ago

Have you checked his trophy count recently? It’s gone up

Kran704d ago (Edited 704d ago )

Imagine, like IMAGINE. You're working hard on a brand new game, quite new to the video game scene, trying to keep your life a bit private, and then all of a sudden a bunch of video game websites and Kojima fans start accusing you, and I mean accusing you hard (this was a big news story this past week for some reason) of your project being Kojima related or infact the dev themselves are Kojima, therefore forcing you to diminish your private life and actually provide real proof you're not Kojima or related in any way...


neutralgamer1992704d ago


You couldn't be more wrong. It wasn't kojima fans who did this. These developers brought everything on to themselves. Tweeting that their game name is relating to same letters as silent hills. Don't you dare blame the gamers for this. If developers wanted to be private don't talk about/tweet conspiracy theories relating to kojima and silent hills

1nsomniac704d ago (Edited 704d ago )

That’s Kojima fans for you. No shame.

neutralgamer1992704d ago

I could be wrong but this is 100% kojima doing silent hills. The rumor was Sony was in talks to either acquire/sign contract for SH and MGS IP's. Could be possibility that Sony signed/acquired both IP's

Kojima doing SH and bluepoint doing MGS remake. This is just my guess