The Greatest Generation - How Should We Judge Console Generations?

TechStomper discusses the terms on which a gamer might choose the greatest generation of consoles to have existed so far.

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lodossrage94d ago

I think the generations should be judged by how many impactful games they had. Keep in mind, that's not going by how many high review scores. It means going by how many games had a lasting effect on the industry and consumer mindset as a whole.

But that's just my opinion on how a generation should be judged.

PrimeVinister94d ago

I would tend to agree on the 'lasting effect' part. Even if I don't think I could pick a greatest generation myself.

lodossrage94d ago

Since I can't edit my first post, I would like to add to it a bit.

I still stick by the impactful games comment. But to add to it, we have to look at what systems brought to the table in the era.

in the 8 bit era, I would say the Nintendo was the most impactful. My reason for that is every modern controller uses and advanced version of the original NES gamepad.

in the 16 bit era, there was no real advancements so beyond impactful games, the systems didn't revolutionize or change anything.

in the 32 bit era, the PS1 was the most impactful because that was the first time a game system was used for more than "just" games. It was the first game system to double as a cd player.

in the 128 bit era, I would give it to the PS2 since they were the first to make the game system a movie player as well as a game machine.

in the PS3/360 era, I would have to give it to the 360 because they were the first console to really push online gaming to relevancy for home game systems. Yes the ps2 and original xbox did it, but not at a prominent level.

the PS4/XBO generation, much like the 16 bit era didn't bring anything new to the table out side of graphics.

And for the record, I have a tough time placing things like VR or Nintendo's motion control right now because Neither is prominent yet. If VR becomes mainstay that changes of course. And Nintendo has toned down on the motion control push.

PrimeVinister94d ago

Definitely agree that hardware itself and the non-game experience is important but I think lasting, impactful games ultimately carry a platform/generation.

darthv7293d ago

Slight correction to your info. TG16 CD was the first console game/music CD player, followed by the Mega/Sega CD. And then you had both Saturn and PS1 offered the ability to play movies as well. VCD predates DVD and was extremely popular in Asia.

PrimeVinister93d ago (Edited 93d ago )

@darthv72 I had no idea that there was a PS1 that played VCD. That is cool to learn.

I knew the Saturn had a VCD card but the PS1 VCD is news to me.

Edit: wow, the PS1 version had the VCD built in. I just looked it up

Unknown_Gamer579493d ago (Edited 93d ago )

After giving it some thought, I've come to the conclusion that odd numbered gens (NES/SMS is the 3rd, and we are now in the 9th) tend to introduce new innovations that shake things up, while even numbered gens tend to refine and build on what was introduced previously with better hardware. Sure, even numbered gens don't necessarily innovate to the same level, but I find they're fairly comfortable gens. The systems that come out then tend to feel familiar, but take what worked in the prior gen and improve on what didn't.

For me it's not really about innovation though. I'm all for shaking things up if it improves my gaming experience, but I look at my overall experience and I'm all about the games first and foremost. I can say that I've enjoyed a great deal of games over the years across all generations since I started gaming, innovation or not. I guess if innovation is that important to you then great, but for me it's far from the first thing I look at when deciding which gen is my favourite.

Even looking at things from an objective, industry standpoint, when it comes to the games themselves, plenty of impactful titles came out last gen, and in the 4th and 6th gens. Actually, having a better knowledge about how best to implement what were novel ideas the gen before probably helped a great deal in making the games even better at that point in time. The point is, impactful games can come out at any time, and looking purely at what innovative features may have been introduced by particular systems doesn't tell the whole story.

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darthv7294d ago

I was born at the beginning of the 1st gen and started playing in the 2nd but I'd say for me personally, the 4th was my favorite. Genesis, SNES... things were simpler then. After that is when I had to start adulting and limiting my $$ on the hobby. I got through it though with the 5th, 6th and especially 7th having the biggest impact on me with the games I liked.

8th did not grab me the same way as it did in previous gens and the 9th has just begun but I know my gaming habits have changed due to being older now. I am more selective with my time but I know there will be plenty of games that will appeal to me.

PrimeVinister94d ago

I think someone's age will naturally affect their favourites. Not just cos of childhood nostalgia but by how much time they can grow attached to games or consoles at a given time.

I kinda missed out on a generation cos I was really busy for a few years. Didn't play nearly as many games or for as long.

NeoGamer23293d ago

I have gamed in every generation so far. For, me it is 360/PS3/Wii generation. The competition was fierce amongst the three, and there was a ton of innovation to what modern games are today.

Next for me was the second generation. Going from simple pong to things like evolution, pac-man, asteroids, centipede, donkey kong, etc. just lit up the possibilities and sent gaming on constant growth.

PrimeVinister93d ago

I started on a Spectrum but my first console was a Master System. (European, obviously)

Would agree about competition. Especially seeing what Sega and Nintendo did and what Sony, Nintendo and Xbox did during the 4th and 7th generations when in close races.

isarai93d ago

By their games? 🤷‍♂️

PrimeVinister93d ago (Edited 93d ago )

By their best five games or best twenty games? Or the library overall?

And what about games that were rated highly at the time but are hard to enjoy nowadays for their poor framerates or outdated controls?

isarai93d ago

You're overthinking it bro, do it have fun games? Then its a fun console, do it have more fun games than other consoles? Then it is more fun than other consoles, rate according to taste 👏 simple!

Unknown_Gamer579493d ago

I'd say by which games left the biggest impact on us. Of course, that's going to be subjective as art is never experienced in a vacuum, but what isn't when it comes to entertainment media? Nostalgia surely plays a huge role, and that largely depends on how old someone is, as that determines which gens were current when they were growing up. Of course, nostalgia is only possible because games of a certain era managed to leave an impression on people. Every gen feels different too, largely because it's a product of its time, and that certainly extends to the games.

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