PSX Extreme: Prince of Persia Review

PSX Extreme writes: "Last generation, Prince of Persia: Sands of Time was one of my favorite games; it arguably introduced the concepts of wall-running and rewinding time, two mechanics that have now been used in many other projects. It was beautiful, intriguing, and almost ceaselessly entertaining. I wasn't as big a fan of Warrior Within but Two Thrones was much better, and because of this, I've been looking forward to the next-gen PoP since the moment it was officially announced. Still, I admit to being skeptical when I did the preview…it was clear Ubisoft was taking a different direction with the franchise, and although I always encourage innovation and freshness, I am also a big fan of the "if it ain't broke…" philosophy. In this case, I was on the fence. I wasn't sure how I felt about a permanent partner (I despise babysitting in games), and although I never really liked the combat in any of the previous PoPs, I wasn't convinced that a shift to one-on-one battles was the way to go. But after my time with Ubisoft's latest, I realize I should've had more faith in the developers."

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