Left 4 Dead Characters Join Zombie Army 4: Dead War in Free New Season Pass 3 Content Drop

Ben Fisher writes: Each season features a mix of free and paid content. This time up, and free to everyone — whether you bought the game or are playing with Xbox Game Pass — the cast of Left 4 Dead return to the Zombie Army universe! In the original Zombie Army Trilogy, the “Wrong Place, Wrong Time” comic revealed that the cast of Left 4 Dead were thrust backward through time by an occult relic, to find themselves face to face with an army of Nazi dead. It has been over ten years since a Left 4 Dead game was released, so it took a little bit of polishing work to up-res them to match modern levels of detail and rendering techniques! Our goal was to make them look like you remember them looking in Left 4 Dead, so if we got it right, it will look like we didn’t do anything at all.

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