Sony Expects PS5 Sales to Skyrocket Once Supply is Met, Aims for 22.6 Million Units Per Year

Unsurprisingly, Sony has very big plans for the PlayStation 5. Up until now, stock has been strangled due to coronavirus complications — both on and off the production line — but the console is still selling out almost immediately whenever it is actually up for sale. As the Japanese giant has mentioned previously, it's aiming to bolster PS5 supply quite significantly in the next fiscal year, and this plan of action has led to the company projecting some huge numbers.

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talocaca36d ago

They're not wrong 🤷‍♂️at least in Japan, with more people working from home the console market is really growing back.

It is impossible to get even a base PS4/PS4 PRO without paying a premium.

outsider162436d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Tomorrow the preorder is live for the fourth time. Here's hoping i finally snag one.

crambar36d ago

Good Luck!

I'm still patiently trying. No way I'm paying a scalper.

Neonridr36d ago

be fast and be ready. Hope you beat the scalpers.

Umb36d ago

Godspeed everyone who trying to get a PS5.

outsider162436d ago

Well guys...for the fourth time. Ps5 got sold out in secs. This is ridiculous. At this point o better wait till 2023. Lol.

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S2Killinit36d ago

And they fully deserve it. I think if supply can meet the demand, we are going to see record sales accross the board but PS5 is going to be seeing insane numbers.

1nsomniac36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Just interested but why do they deserve it?

Don’t get me wrong I’m holding out for one and have even bought a DuelSense to use with my pc in the meantime. I must admit tho I am worried about the groundwork foundations of the console itself. Everything I see or read contains some form of harrowing and stupid design decisions that seem to be glossed over. The difficulty in providing back compatibility, transferring saves, updating games to ps5 version, no additional storage, price hiking, resolution issues, difficulties providing 120hz. HDR problems.

I’m a long time PlayStation customer so I’m well aware that Sony are completely useless out of the gate and it takes them forever to fix issues…but they eventually do. I personally don’t see any reason to praise them for this tho. We’re in another new generation and they simply never learn from past mistakes. I think they should at least be held accountable for that, don’t you?

jznrpg36d ago

You are reaching so far you did a full reach around . They make great games If you don’t have one you are just projecting rumors . I have one and it’s great . Difficulty with 120hz ? Some games have it some don’t , same as Xbox . Resolution issues? What’s re you taking about?? There were some issues updating to PS5 games at launch but it’s been fixed and it was because there were 2 versions but it’s been fixed. It’s full PS4 BC they never said they were doing all games but PS4 was integral and they delivered . Storage update will be soon they said after launch sometime it hasn’t been that long and really not necessary , yet . Are they perfect nope. But they are doing well making games and delivering games and I love my PS5 it’s great . 3D sound and dualsense are awesome . I have only had 2 errors since launch . And it’s been a couple months since the second one . They have a lot of games lined up not announced and that will be what may tee is most . You can nitpick little things but they deliver the best games that why they sell the most

Ron_Danger36d ago

For being a long time PlayStation customer you sure know all the hyperbolic copy/ paste bullet points of the MS fanboys pretty well.

neutralgamer199236d ago


Sure let's start the accountability and see what their competition has delivered so far and it is absolutely 0%. They have delivered towards the end of last generation with ghost in The last of Us part 2 and now they have delivered next in exclusives while their competition is talking about what they might be able to do in the future. Sometimes people forget the fact no matter what please consoles can do the most important thing they have to do is be able to play amazing games and one console has them and the other console doesn't

OB1Biker36d ago

Well if you even bought a duelsense at least you know what you are talking about.

Vizigoth0436d ago

They deserve it due to their dedication to games period. And great games at that. Their legacy in that is untarnished.

1) DualSense as you have purchased is a great new controller to begin the new generation. And I guarantee you games like Returnal and Ratchet and Clank that us it and use It well has helped gain en extra point or two in quality when it comes to reviews and overall metacritic score.

2) Backwards Compatibility? Almost all 4000+ are backwards compatible with a PS5 to go along with game boost. Plus these developers improving and patching games like ReReckoning, Metro, and Fallen Order and So many others.

3) All transfer saves I’ve used is with PS+ Cloud storage. So simple.

4) Expanded Storage? 6 Terabytes of External Storage. Whatever games I beat but need to platinum later I move to External Storage. Everything I currently play PS4 or PS5 I keep on local Storage.

5) I just update from the PS5 version off FF7R from PS4. Didn’t even break a sweat.

6) HDR has been around since the Pro. Both work great. TV detects it just fine. And I was getting 120fps out of Ratchet and Clank RA. Long story.

Where you have my attention is day 1 games like Horizon Forbidden West. Weather you out it on PS Now or PS Plus or combine the services as and option. If Sony can manage day and date releases on those platforms then that will add value. But whose to Sony wants to do that? Just because the Competition is doesn’t mean they have to. Just because Nintendo makes a hybrid system doesn’t mean Sony has to.

S2Killinit36d ago

Well because they garnered this type of reception through generations of delivering the goods.

Chevalier36d ago

On the topic of upgrades I really am confused about that. Put in the disc, hit option, scroll down to download PS5 version, click download. If that is considered 'difficult' then I really have no words for how idiotic that person would be.

120 hz seems like that's blown up when there aren't even a lot of people that have those tvs. And most of what you're asking for will be fixed with updates. Increased game prices? Well EA, Activision and 2K all have games increased price as well so not sure why Sony is the one you want to concentrate on when they weren't even the first to do it. There are these things called sales. You know it's $50 for Returnal and Demon Souls etc on Amazon Prime and recent days of play sales just a week or 2 ago. So just buy it now on sale them if that's the issue. The rest I would suggest you're nitpicking.

CobraKai36d ago

Except they actually have learned from their mistakes. They dominated last gen and came out the gate swinging this gen cuz of the mistakes made with the PS3.
I love the PS5 and it’s still in its infancy. I already have 4 native PS5 exclusives, and I am enjoying ps4 games upgraded to current gen.
I have zero problems with the PS5 except keeping my controller charged.

RedDevils36d ago

So you're still bitter about Joe's Dinner not playable on PS5?

Army_of_Darkness36d ago (Edited 36d ago )


No reason to phrase them?? Sony should be held accountable??
Bro, they are literally the only next gen console with actual next gen games! Isn't that the reason why we gamers buy video game consoles in the first place?? You are arguing and comparing the ps5 to a console that is only focused at enhancing older last gen games! Why? Because they have literally no new next gen games available. 🙄 Look beyond the cover up.
Also, no real Ps gamer would be talking sh*t like this 🤔

cd136d ago

Aren't there only ~5 or 10 PS4 games that don't work on PS5 via BC? Not bad for a company who have "difficulty in providing back compatibility" considering over 3200 games do work.

1nsomniac35d ago

…All I’m hearing is a lot of fanboy stupidity.

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NeoGamer23236d ago

I don't know if any console will ever do as well as PS2 did. But, PS5 should have no problem being as much or more then PS4.

Father__Merrin36d ago

PS5 is going to explode worldwide once supply is constant. Everyone will want one this fall. Once the major titles hit together with the guaranteed AAA new ip hits its too difficult to ignore.

I'm certain ps5 will be over 3.1 or 4.1 compared to series x

Ps5 will simply run away not only with sales but community console engagement, play most spend most, and to think vr 2.0 is on its way. Ps5 can't be beaten only £359

My only wish is Jim Ryan to go and drop the pc porting

JEECE36d ago

MS completely botched the launch of XONE and failed to launch meaningful exclusives basically the entire gen, and PlayStation did basically everything right with PS4, and they still didn't outsell Xbox 3-1. With Xbox not screwing themselves this gen and actually having games lined up, it's going to be difficult to create as large of a gap, unless it is by sheer volume of sales (i.e. PS5 outselling PS2). Unless you aren't counting Series S, I think that cheaper option is going to create a lot of multiconsole owners compared to prior gens.

BehindTheRows36d ago

Until Microsoft reports numbers, there’s no way of knowing where they’re at. We DO know that PS5 is selling better than PS4, however.

Father__Merrin36d ago

Ps4 selling better than ps4 and already ps5 is 2.1 against series xs

purple10136d ago

But the gap is already 2:1 and with people not trusting Ms at far as they can throw them. I'd say 3:1 is bang on the money.

JEECE36d ago


The problem with that right now is that both sell out, so it's a matter of who is producing more. We won't know the different demand levels until one or both stop selling out.

Do you know how many people played Skyrim? What do you think those people are going to do when the next Elder Scrolls launches? It won't be enough for Xbox to outsell PS5, but that will provide some really good months in the US at least.

Rude-ro36d ago

Numbers for Microsoft were never released so you can not make that comparison..
We do know Microsoft lost 50% of their market and Sony grew their by 20% from the previous gen.
This can go off the guesstiments and their subscriptions services combined.
Do the math and that 3 to 1 scenario seems more than plausible.

darthv7236d ago

@rude, MS lost 41% (50m < 85m) and Sony gained 33% (116m > 87m)

DJStotty36d ago


"Ps4 selling better than ps4 and already ps5 is 2.1 against series xs"

Series is selling better than xbox one

and the gap is under 2:1 total sales, the lead is only 3.8 million (i think)

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darthv7236d ago

PS2 (157m) - Xbox (25m) =/= 6.28:1
PS3 (87m) - 360 (85m) =/= 1:1
PS4 (116m) - XBO (50m) =/= 2.32:1
PS5 (9m) - XSX (5m) =/= 1.8:1

outsider162436d ago

Should we count PS5 vs XSX? I mean we're just starting?

darthv7236d ago

^^it provides context for current standings.

SullysCigar36d ago

A better comparison might be to take the current position and compare it to that point in past gens, rather than using the final gen positions.

At least that way it would be like-for-like.

quenomamen36d ago

We don't do math here on N4G

ArnoDorian36d ago

What's the point of these sale figures. Sure it's nice and stuff. You folks act like you got stocks in the companies. But other than that, it is pointless. Just enjoy whatever consoles and platforms you choose to play on. This ain't hard to comprehend :P

chiefJohn11736d ago (Edited 36d ago )

I see ps5 doing 122-125. XS 70-75
Assuming there's no botch from either cause 1 simple mistake can throw away millions to the other.

Ps5 would have to do ps2 numbers and SX would have to do XO numbers for a 3-1 gap. Neither is happening

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DJStotty36d ago (Edited 36d ago )


Don't get me wrong, i am not under the illusion or dream land that the Series is magically going to outsell the PS5 this gen, because quite simply put, it isn't.

But a 3:1, 4:1 lead? really? there is optimism and then there is an unknown word for that statement.

That would imply that the PS5 is going to sell 200-250 million units. I think it will sell really strongly, but it is still very early to see whether it will outsell the mighty PS2.

The Series is on course to sell at least 60 million units this gen

chiefJohn11736d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Lol that's not even realistic, MS did everything wrong with Xbox one one way or another and Sony still didn't outsell 2to1 and you think ps5 will 3-1/4-1 when MS is now doing everything right? Stop the Cap!

Unless ps5 is around 8 mill SX is over 5, it is not 2-1. And that's without Ms having 1st party games. That drought now ends next month with a consistent lineup of games for the next 3 years from what we can see. So the sells gap rate will become even smaller in the coming months. 3-1 simply isn't possible

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waverider36d ago

There talks that the chips problems could end sooner. But even so, That like almost 1.9 millions consoles a month and 470k weekly. Thats a lot. Of course there are the holiday where they sell much more. But its a big number. Just keep making great games and anything is possible, if they have PS5 to sell.

Outlawzz36d ago

I would definitely consider buying if it was in stock. As of now I'm in no rush since the games I want to play so far are also on PS4

nitus1036d ago

Hopefully the M.2 port will be enabled soon. I have read that Sony will do this in July/August this year but I am not holding my breath.