Rainbow 6: Siege To Become A Board Game

This is a really interesting idea for a game adaptation. 6: Siege – The Board Game is a one-on one tactical shooter with miniatures and is coming soon.

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Deathdeliverer43d ago

You have to roll over a 8 for your breaching charge to work… awww a 6? It was just a loud dud. Now everyone is alerted. You want to move into cover? Gotta roll at least 6. Bad luck! A 3! You tripped and fell. Roll the oops die. Oh no, you shot yourself in the leg when your gun went off from the fall!

Garethvk43d ago

Pretty much. They should combine it with the Alien RPG. Since your charge misfired; the nearby Egg has opened and you have a Facehugger hurling at your head.