Get your feet wet before taking the Linux plunge

You can try out various Linux operating systems without installing Linux on your PC. That's because most Linux distributions are available on "live CD" - software you can download, copy to a CD, then run directly from that disk without ever touching your hard drive. If you like it, you can then install it on the hard drive. You can get a comprehensive list of distributions, along with reviews, at

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What Da Duce3694d ago

I have it on my iPod, I have it on my PS3, I have it on my XBOX, and I have it on one of my computers. The possibilities you have with Linux are vast.

Since this is a gaming website I will say this:
Not many games are available for Linux, yet. I am sure the library will grow, in the future. If you're a PC gamer I don't suggest this. If you're just a user and want more out of your PC you'll find that Linux will be the fix you crave.

SPARTAAN3694d ago

games = windows
everything else = linux

verb3k3694d ago
if you are on ubuntu, type the following command in the terminal:
sudo apt-get install tremulous
this will downlosd + install the game

killalot1003694d ago

i just installed ubuntu to my friends laptop because his windows was completely destroyed so i told him to install ubuntu because his laptop is ancient and its safer. i aint trying to bash windows i am a big windows supporter and i use vista but when it comes to security linux is better. if linux was the standard then it might be under attack a lot more but its not so i told him to use ubuntu because he does not game and he just uses it for web surfing. i use ubuntu to learn more about computers.

Viper73694d ago

Well dunno, Linux isnt actualy safe only because its lesser used system, its basicly safe because of the way it has been built.

theoreticaly, no mallicious software can access and install itself on your computer so if you want a virus you need to install it yourself.
But if you install everything from the package managing system the chances of getting virus are about close to none.

in worst chase scenario you might even have to build the virus inorder for it to work :D

Windows is differend as many of your programs get close to unlimited access to your computer and the os. In linux the programs need root password to access Linux os related files/settings/etc or so I have understand.

but I really recommend the ppl with rather old hardware who mainly do gaming with their consoles to try ubuntu, you might actualy be suprised on how well things run.
Ofcourse more you tweak more unstable it may become as some hardware are really badly supported making you use unoffiial drivers.

Revvin3694d ago

You can run Windows based games on Linux through programs like WINE and Cedega, not perfect of course as you will loose a little bit of performance but even new games like Left 4 Dead, CoD4 etc run on Cedega. If you have a pretty good system and dislike Windows enough its an option.