WhatTheyPlay Review: Prince of Persia (PS3)

Prince of Persia is an action game from developer Ubisoft Montreal, known for the recent hit Assassin's Creed, and makers of the 2003 hit, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. This time around, rather than focus on the same prince from the last Prince of Persia games, we get a whole new tale with a whole new approach to how the game is played. As we meet our hero, he's stuck in a sand storm, falls off a cliff and into a canyon, only to be encountered by a young lady in distress. What follows is the beginning of an adventure that sees he and this young lass, Elika, embark on a quest to subdue an ancient god of darkness, keeping this corruption from spreading through the land.

The game also brings with it an impressive combat system that's simple to grasp and much more difficult to master. While the game doesn't demand that you learn the nuances of combat, it certainly makes things much more enjoyable when you learn how to string attacks together. This approach allows both inexperienced and veteran gamers to quickly adapt to it, and as they progress, they'll be able to discover how fun, deep and dynamic this combat system can be, making for a more rewarding experience.

Prince of Persia also brings an interesting twist by way of its level progression system. Players will have to go through various stages to collect enough items in order to unlock a path to deeper areas of the game's world. This method is something reminiscent of a Super Mario game rather than the linear approach found in the previous Prince of Persia games, allowing for some flexibility in how you play the game. The items needed come in the form of magic orbs, and much like a Mario game, some may be easy to collect, while others will require a little more ingenuity when negotiating the environments if they want to succeed, making for something with a little extra flair.

Prince of Persia is rated "Teen" by the ESRB and keeps its descriptors of "Alcohol Reference," "Mild Language," "Mild Suggestive Themes," and "Violence" fairly low key. The main character will often flirt and use some mild innuendo when talking to Elika, but it's nothing too overt. There is mention in the dialogue to "staring at my a**," as well as succubus and nymph references. Of the descriptors, violence is the most prominent element, as players will often battle with shadow creatures. The player can make use of swords, magic, and a gauntlet weapon to battle with these creatures, which disappear when defeated. There is no blood featured.

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