Missus Raroo Says: "Quickie Gaming: Small Commitment Equals Big Fun"

[Missus Raroo once again takes the helm in the Game Time column, bringing her unique and personal perspective to the topic of commitment. With our lives seemingly getting busier all the time, it's tough to commit to just about anything, especially gaming. Missus Raroo examines how in many ways her life has become a series of "quickie" commitments, and brings this discussion around toward ways in which games can successfully make use of the "quickie" mentality.]

My Life in Quickies

There are a few things in life that I wish would always last longer, things such as my almost-two-year old son's naps and the time between my head hitting the pillow and my alarm clock going off. Notice that both of these examples involve sleep. I love sleep-I have since I was a little kid. Unlike my son, who seems to defy the sleep requirements for a toddler since he barely naps and can stay up as late as a teenager, I was the kid who could fall asleep standing up or while sitting in a high chair with my face in a cup.

So, barring sleep, I must say that I often prefer that things in life would be shorter. Take movies. I don't have the patience for movies that last much more than about 90-minutes. In fact, since our son was born, Mister Raroo and I have given up on watching most movies altogether, opting instead to rent TV shows on DVD. While it can seem nearly impossible to squeeze a complete movie into our evening schedule, we can easily commit to fitting in a quick television episode.

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