Police Kill Teen After Xbox 360 Theft

A Colorado teen shot and killed by police this week had a warrant out for his arrest for allegedly stealing an Xbox 360 at gunpoint.

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Graphics Whore3605d ago (Edited 3605d ago )

"Police say 18-year-old Brandon Winn had previously met an acquaintance's friend in an apartment to supposedly buy an Xbox 360 from him for $170. When the exchange was to take place, Winn allegedly pulled a gun and threatened to shoot the man if he didn't hand over the gaming console."

"Winn bolted out of the house and pointed a gun at the police officers, according to an affidavit. An officer then shot him in the torso. He was taken to the hospital but later died from his injuries." -- Idiot.

This person didn't deserve to die obviously but the officer was conflicted when the person drew a weapon on the officer himself, crappy life lesson.

vitz33605d ago

I wonder if the bullet-hole left a RROD?

sunnygrg3605d ago

Serious Topic.

Also, in America, if you point a gun at an officer, they will shoot you. That kid was either high on weed or he really had a death wish.

JsonHenry3605d ago

I don't care who you are - if you point a gun at me in a threatening manner I WILL shoot you and ask questions later.

NEVER threaten anyone with bodily harm without being willing to fight and get hurt yourself. That is just common sense 101.

And never point a gun at police officers. That guy must have been on crack or wanted to die.

SuperM3605d ago

What an idiot, dieing because of a 360. If only it was a PS3 i could understand

On a serious note, he had it coming, nobodies fault but his own.

Sayai jin3605d ago

You should never point a gun at a police officer and expect to live, but we all know that you do not have to have a gun or even be threatening a police officer for them to shoot you. Hmmmm wallets, car keys ,etc. We all no the subject.

Wow even in a serious article that is serious some fanboys had to throw a fanboy comment in there. For shame.

Deadman643605d ago

Absolutely. You pull a gun on an officer you will be shot. Why should the officer die for enforcing the law?

cactuschef3605d ago

high on weed? Please, smoking marijuana does not change a person. A person who is dumb enough to pull a gun on police is just dumb naturally. A normal person wouldn't turn into a gun wielding criminal because they smoked weed. You must have been thinking about alcohol. That is a drug that actually does turn people into violent belligerent idiots.

Dino3604d ago

High on weed? high on weed ? It's stupidity on his part to act like a J-hole. If it was weed he would have been too tired to even get off the couch much less "bolt" out of the house.

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tuneraider3605d ago (Edited 3605d ago ) completely irrelevant. If the reports are to be believed, the police shot an armed robber in self-defense, plain and simple. Escapist is trying to capitalize on game industry hype; the headline could've simply read "Police Kill Teen After Armed Robbery" - but how interesting is that? By saying, "Police Kill Teen After Xbox 360 Theft" instead of "Police Kill Teen After Xbox 360 Robbery", the author is (intentionally or not) making it sound as if the guy took the 360 without resistance or using force. It happens everywhere all the time, but a tad sensationalist/inaccurate all the same. Sadly, this is not news.

pansenbaer3605d ago

Lame...I totally posted this like 3 days ago...

SprayandPreycom3605d ago (Edited 3605d ago )

and when they interviewed his friends and family they all said what a good person he was and that he wasn't involved in gangs and he never used drugs and that he just started a new job.

Timesplitter143605d ago

yeah well they pretty much say that for every single person that dies. I'm not blaming them, though. It's ok.

JsonHenry3605d ago

I work in foster care and a kid of ours got shot and killed in an inner city in Ohio by gunshot wounds.

The news said he was a good guy as they interviewed family, the school he used to attend said he was a good student and started a memorial charity in his name.

The TRUTH? His family did not want him to come home because he was so violent and they could not control him. The school that set up the charity fund EXPELLED him for the year due to violence (he was failing at the time anyway).

Don't believe the news.

NaiNaiNai3605d ago

reminds me of those two teens, who killed the guy for the ps3.

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