Xbox 360 Star Ocean needs 3 DVDs - why Microsoft needs Blu-ray

The Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 may be virtually indistinguishable on most levels, but the media format they use is one area they do diversify. With the news that Star Ocean: The Last Hope is going to need three DVDs, does this show why Microsoft needs Blu-ray more than Blu-ray needs Microsoft?

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TheColbertinator3603d ago

Well first Tri-Ace has to make sure SO4 is good.Whats the point of storage/DLC/graphics/etc if the game isn't innovative or fun.

meepmoopmeep3603d ago

lol, steven are you banned to OZ?
wtf? you're usually pretty normal.

TheColbertinator3603d ago

Me? Not really.I just love the open zone.

I have some people I like on the open zone like Zhuk,Nasim,Dark Sniper,Shadow Man,and Thatcanadianguy420

meepmoopmeep3603d ago

oh, lol

i like the OZ too.
i lose bubbles for trolling in the GZ though.

i just can't get away from it sometimes.

Danja3603d ago

same here I love the Open Zone , the comments made in here are the one Zhuk , just^.^

The XBOT3603d ago

I will install this game on my Xbox hard disk and play it from there. I would only have to put the disks once to install. Next? Can we waste our time on something else?

Jackthepwnsaur3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

Open zone is so much fun. This is were you own misinformed people. Well, I've been owned a few times.


I became the biggest fan boy. never really know what that means . but here im consider a sony fanboy cause I dont have an cheap azz xbot . .. this is a stupid article considering if xbox goes blu ray ..than what ? stop production of the 360 .... if microshaft did that there done coming with another system. so enjoy the 5 or 6 disk

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Skyreno3603d ago

lol well i could see when final fantasy 13 comes out , for ps3 only one disc or 2 ^^ but for xbox im sure like 6 or 7 disc...

xhi43603d ago

oh dear.

Seriously, this isn't a suprise. If you buy a computer with an old video card and processor you won't be able to play the same game you can if you had the newest processor and newest video card.

You need to the newest technology if you want to play the newest and best games.

Same with DVD and Blu-ray. Sure, you can have DVD, but if you want the most conveniant, efficient and best experience you need the newest technology, not the old generation technology.

Its simple.

VHS died to DVD, and DVD is dying to Blu-ray, and Blu-ray will die to the next technology in 4-7 years.

But if you don't follow the cycle and get stuck with say VHS instead of using DVD, obviously you will lose on quality, efficiency, convenience and innovation.


BobDog3603d ago

well u could play the exact same game, just a portion of it lol

Danja3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

M$ will need Blu Ray for there next console . but it's too late for the 360...

But 3 discs ins't really a big deal , but it just goes to show that everyone who said that Blu Ray wasn't necessary for games were wrong , because they're weren't alot of PS2/Xbox games last gen with Multiple DVD's and it looks like the 360 is trying to compete with the PS1 to see who can have more games with more than 1 disc in the case...

@Breakfast HD -DVD ?

what if R* decides that they want to make a GTA the size of San Andreas with everything that was included in that game....BTW San Andreas is one fo the few PS2 games to used Dual Layer DVD's...what will happen to the 360 version...are they gonna have each city on seperate disc also..

it's not about swapping disc it's about if games are already filling up more than 3 DVD's already what's gonna happen in 2-3 years..?

what force the Next Xbox down pplz throats again..?

Breakfast3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago ) you blaming MS for not adopting a format, that came out an year later....and didnt infact become the victor, till 2 years after the release of the xbox 360.

Right buddy.

And we still havent even seen proof of blu-ray making games better. The one game that can arguably do it, is MGS4, yet youre installing every act, which is damn well near similar to changing So you can go ahead and scratch that off the list.

So tell me whats the use?
If you can get around it by using multiple discs. Which doesnt hinder your gameplay experience. And if you say that it does, installation will come in and bite you in the ass.

@ My loving Danja

Price point.
Ms did everything right, as of right now. As you can see they are winning this holiday season, with ridiculously low costs.

Tmac3603d ago

199$ I'd say that is worth the cost of a medium-price packaged console, I mean, it's not cutting edge, so 199 is what you pay for and what you get.

Danja3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

Yeh i'll agree that they didn't include an HD-DVD drive because it would have put the 360 in a PS3 launch price range.

have they ever heard of selling a console at a loss and then recouping losses down the road like what Sony is doing with the PS3..?

I mean they have millions wasting on DLC , and stealing exclusives , plus paying for 3 game deal contracts im sure they could have more than take a loss on each 360 sold..

Harry1903603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

they can put a blu ray drive in new console but they can't expect people to buy an extension for those who ave the older models. It would never work if it became compulsory to play games.
Wait for their next console then.

Breakfast3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

Money is being poured into Home, blockbusters like Killzone, a loss on every console sold, games not selling well etc, etc. Its just one big investment right now. Itll most likely work out in the end, although obviously not as well as planned. Seeing as the competition is doing better right now.

All those things you just listed like stealing exclusives and such, just come back right into MS pockets. Its a smaller investment, to show there console has games, and exclusive content, making the consumer lean to their side a bit. It all makes sense, theyre not stupid. The only problem MS had this generation was that outrageous phenomena known as the RRoD. Thats it.

As for the dvd thing. It hasnt hindered any MS games as of yet. Gears of War is still up their with the best the ps3 has to offer. In fact it looks better, than most games the ps3 has to offer. So i cant see how they are doing any wrong.

And for Killzone. Its just a big pool of money. Who's to say an xbox game cant look like that with all the production value, and time that went into that game.

lol....good god....trolling is much easier then this...
...never again danja :(

@ Danja

Like i said, its an investment. There definitely not seeing the profits now though.

Trolling wasnt the culprit that took me down to two bubbles, just as in the case of Harry. It wasnt them crazed click-happy ps3 fans either, so dont worry :)

Danja3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

well trolling is what got you down to 2 bubbles

Sony isn't losing as much off the PS3 as they were once were , the PS2/PSP is also helping there games devison make profits.

Games not selling well , as I state America isn't the entire world the PS3 tends to sell more games in EU and Japan than the 360 does..

HOME will be a major money maker for Sony when all the Sponsors jump aboard.

the PS3 will break even by mid next year...just remember that Sony wasn't the one who had to put 1 billion dollar aside to finance broken PS3's...M$ did that for the 360 , so once again they could have more than take a $200 loss on each console adding a HD-DVD drive.

@Breakfast : I see , well I try to give yah a bubble when ever I can , cuz ur comments cracks me up most times ..!!

Edge Maverick3603d ago

AS long as I get my game come March 3, 2009, to hell with everything else!

aznfrankie3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

" you blaming MS for not adopting a format, that came out an year later....and didnt infact become the victor, till 2 years after the release of the xbox 360."

no...i would actually blame MS for not putting out the money (oh i'm sure they could afford it) to research and develop ANY type of storage medium, for video game use, that would exceed DVD's since it's obvious that games continue to get bigger and bigger, thus requiring more storage space inevitably.

"And we still havent even seen proof of blu-ray making games better. The one game that can arguably do it, is MGS4, yet youre installing every act, which is damn well near similar to changing So you can go ahead and scratch that off the list."

excuse me...but i don't think blu-ray nor any type of format makes anything necessarily better. i'm pretty certain that it's the game developers that makes things better.

would you rather paint on notebook paper or on a large canvas? would you print a poster on pieces of paper and then tape them together for the bigger picture or have it printed on on a large sheet from a poster printer?

so what's the use, you say? well it depends on what you're trying to do with the media. i mean...i don't see CD's being obsolete...why? because you only need 700mb at most to fit an album full of songs right? but what about HD movies? will it fit on DVD's? you want to swap discs in the middle of a movie? how about HD games? sure i guess swapping isn't so bad...but what's so bad about NOT swapping? install times? hey, at least they're not as bad as PC install times...think about all those PC gamers that always have to install before playing.

put it into perspective, the fact is that Sony is trying to push for a reasonable future with bigger storage in blu-ray. MicroSoft wants the money sooner and the future they are pushing for is digital distribution and downloading games/ is that really a reasonable and logical near future? i'm talking about within the next 2-3 years type of future too. i don't think so when most of the world doesn't even have broadband yet.

i could be completely wrong about all that i've said...but hey i don't mind being enlightened. k thx.

The Killer3603d ago

only for those low budget games and games that want to play it safely! but for ambitious game like maybe GTA5,MGS4,FF13,FFvs13,Killzone 2,God of war 3 etc it does matter and it does make a difference!!!

when Devs have to pay license fee for each disk they use and they r making this huge game, what u think they will do with the intended game? they will most probably cut it more to fit in 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 disks and compress the hell out of it and try to separate the maps/environment and make each one bigger so they cancel the smaller maps so that each disk will take one map/city, and it can also turn off Devs from trying to do something very big because of the DVD size!!

so blue ray is important only for the big games and that take advantage of the current gen technology very well!

Alvadr3603d ago

When FFXIII is released there will be a huge fanboy explosion on the net. No doubt it will be numerous DVDs while the PS3 = 1

AuToFiRE3603d ago

M$ would rather make their own format than pay royalties to Sony

Time_Is_On_My_Side3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

You've never seen a game better because of Blu-ray discs Uncharted: Drake's Fortune,Unchared 2, Resistance 2, Killzone 2, Heavy Rain: The Origami Killer, Gran Turismo 5, Little Big Planet, Infamous, God of War 3 (soon) the list just goes on and on. We'll see if Final Fantasy 13 will be using the full Blu-ray disc or not when the XBOX 360 version comes out.

With installs it's the equivalent to the Grand Theft Auto Vice City loads. Instead of loading you install but on the XBOX 360 you're going to switch discs. The thing that most people don't talk about you just do it once. When you play the games again you don't have to go through the installs that's a big difference. I don't install my Grand Theft Auto 4 every time I play I did it once and that's it. With Microsoft you're going to switch discs every time you play.

It was Microsoft's choice to release the console a year early to beat the PlayStation 3 otherwise they would be losing by now. Having one disc doesn't hinder you to one game mechanic design, do you think Far Cry 2 would have that opened world on two discs? Once people know there is better technology they won't go back, it's like saying you don't need iPods to play music/videos/pictures. True you don't, but you sure as hell get a lot of enjoyment having everything in a small package. Everyone knows the Boombox will never be replaced by an iPod, right?

callahan093602d ago

I'm surprised you have so many agrees over disageres.

Your fundamental point makes sense to me, but I've still not seen any reason why Blu-Ray is essential for anything. It will be in the future, and that may be this generation, indeed, but so far, DVD's are able to provide the same gameplay experience as Blu-Ray, just with some disc switching. I'm not convinced that 3 DVD's is going to make Star Ocean on 360 any less enjoyable.

Rock Bottom3602d ago

So why is this in the PS3 section?

ultimolu3602d ago

...Sony are starting to see some profits for the PS3. They're looking to break even by next year.

Economics 101 dear. Sony may be arrogant at times (and that's what hurt the PS3 in the beginning) but they're not stupid.

ThaGeNeCySt3602d ago

"With installs it's the equivalent to the Grand Theft Auto Vice City loads. Instead of loading you install but on the XBOX 360 you're going to switch discs. The thing that most people don't talk about you just do it once. When you play the games again you don't have to go through the installs that's a big difference. I don't install my Grand Theft Auto 4 every time I play I did it once and that's it. With Microsoft you're going to switch discs every time you play."

MGS4 is not a game where you are only required to install once though... Anytime I move on to the next chapter or want to go back to the previous chapter to show someone something, i ALWAYS have to install... but MGS4 is the only exception to what you're saying I guess

Itrguy0013602d ago

For the PS3 i would like to see FF13 and FF13vs on 2-3 discs' for extra content type stuff. My opinion thou

Jecht3602d ago

M$ did everything right? LMFAO!!! The RROD, accessory gouging, non-standard HDD's, and disc royalty fees say hi.

callahan093602d ago

Look, everyone, Blu-Ray is nice. But it simply isn't a big deal to have to switch discs. Would I prefer not to? Yeah. Do I think Square Enix should be giving more support to the PS3? Absolutely. They claim to have a multiplatform business model, but they actually seem to be supporting the 360 almost exclusively. They've yet to release a single game for the PS3, and the only games they've announced for the PS3 don't have release dates announced yet, including Last Remnant, which is already out for the 360. I don't understand why they would make so many 360 exclusives when the PS3 is more popular in Japan, it's got a more than formidable install base everywhere else in the world, and they can make games like Star Ocean without it spanning multiple discs.

But again, I say that DVD isn't that big of a deal. So the game ships on 3 discs, the actual quality of the title won't suffer, and the switching of discs really and truly isn't any more of an inconvenience than Metal Gear Solid 4's installs between acts. The fact that games like Lost Odyssey shipped with its 4 discs in really awful packaging that makes the discs susceptible to damage is unfortunate, and the more discs you have, the more liability you have (damaging or losing discs is a possibility).

My opinion is that Blu-Ray won't start to make the 360's DVD drive look outdated until a game like Final Fantasy comes out, that will appear on both systems, but on a single disc for the PS3 and on numerous discs for the 360. I think that's a detriment to the image of the console that it requires multiple discs to accomplish the same thing as the PS3. But, again, does switching discs mar a gameplay experience? I don't believe it does.

hay3602d ago

@Danja: X360 would die with BD(higher cost), releasing it with a loss at first and RROD. They made hard decision releasing faulty hardware into market.

Captain_Sony3602d ago

Swapping discs is no big deal. Just look in any Sqaure thread about how they suck now but were the greatest ever.. Well their greatest ever was in multiple discs and that didnt bother anyone at all it seems. If most Sony fans can claim that All Square games were great before this gen then how can they also claim that multiple discs are a bad thing? Not a single Square game of value for PS1 or PS2 shipped on a single disc.

jib3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

[email protected] watch me get 248957249578 disagrees for agreeing lol

anyways, what's the big deal with disc changing for an RPG? you change it... 15hours into the game? if you don't want to change it, get an elite and install the game. everyones making such a big deal over a whole ONE minute of anyones life trying to change discs for the game. TWO minutes if you wanna finish the game twice. whoa now, there goes two big whole minutes of disc changing out of my life lol. i mean cmon. really.

if anything, the ps3 would have today probably would have been way ahead of the 360 if it was to be on dvd. think about it..
1. would have launched a year early (360 vs PS3 head to head)
2. would have been cheaper ($400 launch? probably even $200 by today as well)
3. would be selling A LOT more due to the combination of being a PLAYSTATION and this given price

on a positive bluray note, it has certainly benefited sonys movie division. but still comes at the price of the 360 being where it is today

Time_Is_On_My_Side3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

What do you mean go back, how do you go back to a previous chapter, lol?

Let’s take Resistance 2 for example it has a single player campaign, and individual co-op campaign, and a multiplayer campaign. Now tell me a game that's a first person shooter that can compare to the amount of content on that disc? It isn't so much the disc swapping but the game's design.

Infamous looks like an action-adventure game that utilizes Blu-ray technology, how ambitious that game is compare to Prototype?

Now look at an RPG how much ambition does a game like that have in terms of game design if it's on 8.45GB disc compared to a 50GB disc? Look at it in terms of memory especially big games like Grand Theft Auto or Assassin's Creed? Now look at White Knight Chronicles where you can go back to different worlds that you've been to already compared to Lost Odyssey. White Knight Chronicles has a network, messaging system, game lobbies, etc. with non-linear game play from what it looks like to me. True, having a bigger game doesn’t mean better, but it gives you more freedom as a developer.

The best analogy for this would be money, the more you have the better the product can be.

tuaamin133602d ago

FFX was published by Square (before it became SE) and it was published on 1 disc.

Also, you're getting your relationships wrong. Here's what you're saying:
If all Square games = good
Multidisc games = bad
Square games are multidisc, therefore (multidisc games =bad) is false.

It could also be the case that multidisc games are bad, but Square's games are just so damn good they overcome the bad.

DaTruth3602d ago

MS could have added a disk changer and it could have changed disks automatically; It wouldn't have cost much money and it would have negated this whole argument whilst providing some convenience to your customers, there are numerous ways MS could've got around this but I think they just didn't care. It's like the RROD, they new about it and still sold it to customers just to get the jump on Sony; It's like its they're only goal in the game business.

Zero_X0073602d ago

if you want to get stuck with old tec try sticking a VHS cassette in your PS3 or 360 it wont work

ThaGeNeCySt3602d ago

You go back to a previous chapter by loading a saved game from that chapter. If you choose to start over after you beat the game, you have to go through the in between chapter installs again.

Rhoic3602d ago

Alan Wake is another example of how well 360 games can look even without blu-ray. Here's a link (It's in-game by the way):

You guys need to realize.. that Blu-Ray is there so people don't have to compress the majority of data. But, compressions is so far along, that there's almost no difference between the two.

mikeslemonade3602d ago

That's not in-game that's real time. Real Time is using the in-game engine and they touch it up. And regardless it does not look impressive. When the game is all the way zoomed out it looks good but even PS2 games look good when you zoom it out. When you go up close the stuff doesn't look realistic. It doesn't look any better than GTA4. No sandbox game actually looks that great and the examples are Saints Row, GTA4, Just Cause, Dead Rising, Fallout 3, and Oblivion. Infamous looks better than Alan Wake.

Rhoic3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

Wrong. Remedy Games states that the entire cinematic trailer is running in-game. And anyone who says that looks crappy is delusional, period. Here's a few screenshots as well.. By the way, this is what the 360 version looks like:

aznfrankie3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

"anyways, what's the big deal with disc changing for an RPG? you change it... 15hours into the game? if you don't want to change it, get an elite and install the game."

i think you have the concept of game installations onto xbox360 hard drive mistaken. installing the game on a xbox360 does not mean you no longer need to put in the disc nor need to swap disks as you have suggested. all it does is make the loading times faster as it loads data from the hard drive instead of reading straight from the disc, which is a slower process.

i know this for a fact because i've been playing Lost Odyssey. i still have to swap discs and keep the disc in there while playing the game, after the fact that i've installed each disc (i believe this is a security measure implemented by MS to make it difficult for software piracy).

so, no. you cannot just install the game and not have to worry about swapping.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3602d ago

I figured you would say that, so you never went though the game twice on one save?

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meepmoopmeep3603d ago

i don't think multi-discs are that bad, especially when it's an RPG.
but anyway, Blu-ray FTW!


ErcsYou3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

I never thought multiple discs was a bad thing either until i picked up a copy of Lost odyssey. It was 3 discs stacked directly on top of each other( with NOTHING in between them ) and the 4th disc was in a paper sleeve.. That and the infamous 4th disc always getting scratched... ( reminds me of my PSone days, borrowed FF8 from a friend to find out i couldn't beat it because of a scratch and a frozen cut screen)

meepmoopmeep3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

yeah, the only thing i see wrong with multi discs is if you scratch one or lose one.
that would be bunk.

but Blu-ray space and scratch resistance FTW!!!


FantasyStar3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

Exactly. People are so caught up in this console war, they can't sit back and appreciate things for what it is. SO3 comes out on 3 DVDs, so what? Doesn't mean we can't play em. And the minor inconvenience is only 7-20 seconds and a small risk of permanently damaging a DVD. The same can be said about PS3 and Mandatory Installs. A small inconvenience of waiting 7-20 min for the benefit of having only one game per disc.

If improvements can be made, then so be it. But I advise everyone that reads my comment to try and be above the stupid fanboy comments. It's silly because I'm betting that some gamers here actually hope that BR never makes it to 360 or the 720 so Microsoft can't reap BR's benefits. How pathetic is that that a gamer would deny another gamer's fun? I for one would never wish RroD on anyone nor laugh at anyone with RroD. I also would never wish for PS3 to have more sloppy ports and delayed games. It's frivolous and completely well...fanboyish.

ruibing3602d ago

While I don't think multi discs are a problem (FFVII and FFVIII were on 3 and 4 discs, respectively), I do believe it makes the game more prone to failure. It's like having your data split between 3 hard drives versus one, any of them failing basically makes you unable to access all of your data anymore.

Assuming each disc has the same MTBF (taking into account chemical degradation and normal wear from use), then the total MTBF for a game is MTBF divided by the number of discs. So for this game, it would be a third of the MTBF if it was only on a single disc.

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Homicide3603d ago

Microsoft doesn't need blu-ray. They're beating the PS3 without it. Also JRPGs are long, so its not bad getting up once every 10 hours to change disc. Its better than waiting 2-3 minutes installing or 20 minutes to play a game. The only bad thing about multiple discs is that if one of your discs breaks or something, and you have to replace it in order to complete the game.

LinuxGuru3603d ago

Uh yeah...and I'd rather install and wait a few minutes rather than having to wait for a new disc to be sent to me, or having to take a trip to the store.

And Killzone 2 says hello =)

That game smacks your statement right in the face. No install =) Full blu-ray? I think so. Install? Nope.

I think...about 4 levels from KZ2 would fit on one dual-layer DVD for the 360. And because it's dual-layer, the 360 could only read the DVD at 8X...which means the streaming performance wouldn't be near what it would need to be.

DJ3603d ago

The real problem is that 3 DVDs wasn't even enough for this game. They chopped down the game content and compressed everything just to squeeze into that many discs. You only get 7 GB per Xbox 360 DVD, which is actually less space than last gen; you can thank the on-disc security features for that.

I feel bad for developers, 'cause they not only have to spend a lot of time, money, and resources squeezing their games onto a last-gen format, the games still get downgraded in scope and quality regardless. Having multiple discs is a QA nightmare; Microsoft also charges a lot of money if a game requires more than one disc.

You'll start to see developers moving strictly to PS3 development, simply because Blu-ray gives more freedom and helps lower development and production costs.

FantasyStar3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

Do you have proof that PS3 development is significantly cheaper than 360 development? If I recall, most devs have agreed that PS3 development is significantly more challenging: hence the sloppy ports and delayed MP games. The most I heard from Sony central is that Playstation Edge seeks to help ease developer pains. SO far: it's looking good since more recent MP games are starting to shape up like the 360 version neck-to-neck, which is great for us gamers that prefer Mirror's Edge on the PS3.

I do recall that Microsoft does charge in premiums for games that use more than 1 disc from Mistwalker: however I don't recall any dev saying that Blu-Ray offers more freedom. Capcom is on record for blaming the slow 2x BR Drive for HDD installs and the 5GB Install cap doesn't make things easier as Kojima's team has already demonstrated with "In-game Act-Installs". And I definitely don't remember any dev going on record stating that PS3 production is cheaper than 360. So I ask again.

Where's your proof?

LeonSKennedy4Life3603d ago

Most developers are now saying that it's easier to port from the PS3 to the 360.

After releasing the new tool kits to developers, most of them still used the old techniques. Only 1st and 2nd party developers really did anything with it.

Also, if Insomniac can create a gorgeous game like Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction and Naughty Dog can make the classic Uncharted: Drake's Fortune...certainly a top notch developer like Epic, Square Enix, Ubisoft Montreal, or even Valve could do it.

So far, these are the only one's who have even tried:

Starbreeze - The Darkness
Bethesda - Oblivion & Fallout 3 (Despite the PSN sign-in/sign-out bug)
2K Boston - Bioshock (Looks incredible after the patch and added features are so great!)
Criterion - Burnout: Paradise...thank you!
Insomniac - Do I even have to say it?
Naughty Dog - DUH!!!
Factor 5 - Lair wasn't that bad...honestly. It's still one of the best looking games this generation, at least.
Ninja Theory - Heavenly Sword was EPIC!!! Here's an official statement from their website:

"Right now we're working on an exciting new concept that has got everyone we talk to buzzing. We can't say a lot except that it's going to be great to work on and should be even better to play! It'll take all the things we loved about Heavenly Sword and make them bigger and better than ever before."

I'm excited!!!

rdgneoz33603d ago

Crappy ports come from crappy companies that don't know how to code for a ps3 or don't even try to. As for installs, not all games actually need an install to run or look beautiful. Classic example is Uncharted and there are many others, though at 3 in the morning... Looks beautiful and what, like 50 mb install? HAH! And you and play from start to end with the only loading screen being when you start a new game or load a save. Companies needing to do 5 gb installs need to go and look into asking for some help as others have done just fine with like any install needed (Though for MGS4, that was just a beautiful game that pushed the blue-ray).

RyuStrife3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

Yes definitely, and learn techniques of loading the game off the BluRay disc instead of mandatory installs. Heck, give optional installs for those who actually don't mind the installs. But the biggest thing is that these "lazy" devs blame the slow BluRay Drive just to make mandatory installs? What's wrong with them? The problem is they aren't figuring out ways to load the game off the disc at the same time reducing load times. Uncharted did it. I'm sure as heck the guys at GG know what they're doing when they said no installs. It's just that the HDD is there in every PS3 that most devs cut the corner of figuring out how to optimize the loading off the disc. I'm sure if all 360 has HDD drives as default would have installs too. Even as fast as the DVD drive is, some of the loading are still hecko long. One game I'm definitely annoyed about is Naruto Ultimate Ninja with it's install and yet it still loads freakin slow. It's all about learning to do the loadings correctly. Some devs have it down, whether it's on PS3 or 360.

@ above: MGS4 is a great game. The only bad part from Kojima was his choice to go Act by Act installs plus that initial one. Also, those Act installs aren't permanent, so that annoyed me. But when I start playing, I do forget about it hrhrhr.

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