Starfield Trailer Was Constructed Entirely In-Game, No Cinematic Tools Were Used

Bethesda Game Studios Senior Lighting Artist Keith Beltramini shared that the Starfield trailer was in-game and no cinematic tools were used.

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KyRo1065d ago

It did look great but it means absolutly nothing if they play as horrendously and as broken as Bethesda previous works. Hopefully MS will give them a kick up the arse in the testing department.

FlavorLav011065d ago

Not sure how much hope to invest there. Xbox’s QA approved the release of Crackdown3.

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jznrpg1065d ago

I’m a big elder scrolls fan overall but Skyrim is not a 96 game . It’s their worst game in the series since the original it just sold the best

BrainSyphoned1065d ago

Fallout 4 was a failure as an rpg. It did other things right but there is a reason there is begging for Obsibian to take back control of a Fallout game instead of whoever is writing and creating quests for Bethesda now days.

VenomCarnage891065d ago

Bethesda is objectively bad at coding games. There is no amount of spin that can change that fact. Oblivion was great, but Skyrim was exactly the type of average that gets huge attention from the masses. It's nothing quality or deep if you know other games that do it better, and if it were truly a phenomenal game, it wouldn't have been as popular in the first place.

I won't even go into how bad fallout has been over the last 10 years, that's just so obvious that it isn't even a discussion worth having

thesoftware7301065d ago

love how all Bethesda's games are crap now. It's absolutely ridiculous narrative.

People forget how many different studios they have and how much great games were made from them. I would argue that their portfolio is way more diverse than most developers.

Days gone was just average like FO76(which they fixed a lot and has many active users), but I don't see Sony being judged by days gone alone.

Elder Scrolls series has been nothing but great.
Doom amazing
Prey good
Wolfenstein really good games Even Youngblood, the gameplay was great.
Dishonored great series
The Evil Within
and Fallout

All great series that all of a sudden don't mean anything. Stop the Spin please, no one believes.

glennhkboy1064d ago

@FlavorLav01 Crackdown3 was technically stable at launch. No major bug. It is a boring game is another issue, nothing to do with QA.

Nintentional1064d ago

Lol you’re just saying that because it’s not coming to PS5. Bethesda has put out some of the greatest games of all time. Elderscrolls IV and V, Fallout 3 and 4 are some of the best games ever made.

Livingthedream1064d ago

Bethesda makes top tier RPG games, 2nd to none. Buggy yes, but overly ambitious so it's expected.

SugarSoSweet1064d ago

Apparently Bethesda have a new game engine which is powering Starfield as well as the upcoming Elder Scrolls VI so maybe because of the new engine things might be better this time.

sinspirit1064d ago (Edited 1064d ago )


"76 wasnt great but it was their try at a mmo styled game."

1. ESO is their MMO game which came first and have been supporting consistenly. They have experience.

2. There were very basic developer oversights such as tying framerate to everything. Meaning, if your frames dip down from 60 to 30 then you run at half the speed. This is not common except for old console games, and this is a traditional PC developer. Ridiculous oversight. Players could unlock this framerate and make their characters attack, move, and recover significantly faster than other players on the server. The game wouldn't even detect this happening so they could cheat in a matter of seconds with one config file edit.

3. Their games have been buggy for so long and their Skyrim game breaking bugs and terrible optimization at launch causing games to freeze is a big issue. It's not just one or two games. They have a history and much of it is affected by reusing old engines and patching them instead of building a new one that's more efficient.

4. It was funny when ESO had first beta testing. Players took up physical space so you couldn't run through a person. The very first doorway at the player spawn was blocked by players intentionally afk'ing at the doorframe so you could leave. And, there was no afk timer. Lol.

5. Come on. They are a huge publisher and developer. It's time to hold them accountable for laziness and oversights. F76 has so many more issues and was clearly a rush job to cash in on the online survival genre. Their involvement with the community was so bad in how they handled the game. The devs literally left a chest with all items in it in a place that a player could reach it without glitching or hacks, and then banned the player for reaching it.

6. Oh, and how they're trying to make modding a monetized thing and limit old mod support. They used to be a pretty cut and dry awesome developer with big games that we understood were gonna have some bugs, with great interactions and having mod support. Now they need some redemption with games going back to their roots. I really hope ES6 will be worth the wait.

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RaiderNation1065d ago

Is it? I didn't think it was all that mind-blowing to be honest with you. It just basically looked like Fallout in a space setting.

Eviltattoo 1064d ago

I agree. I haven't seen anything mind blowing yet

Babadook71064d ago

I agree. The footage being ‘non cinematic‘ in construction explains a lot quite frankly.

hectorius1064d ago

LordoftheCritics1d 8h ago

As is Outer Worlds 2, almost as if


they are taking the pee out of Bethesda and 343i. lolol

badz1491064d ago

LOL they are so proud in making this claim like what was shown is anything graphically groundbreaking. it's NOT!

Bethesda is treated like Nintendo now. subpar and last gen graphics = GREAT! funny.

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Jin_Sakai1065d ago

“Starfield Trailer Was Constructed Entirely In-Game, No Cinematic Tools Were Used”

Then why not show some gameplay?

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Tedakin1065d ago

The game is a year and a half from release and if one thing looks slightly wrong the entire internet will jump on it.

DiRtY1065d ago


The trailer transported a good first look, gameplay will come later.

DarXyde1065d ago

To be fair, Halo Infinite looked very wrong a few months out from its projected release and they still showed that.

Not saying you're wrong, but I don't think that was much of a consideration.

Profchaos1065d ago

To be fair many times Bethesda have stated that a game can be in an extremely bad state right up until a month prior to launch and it just comes together at the 11th hour. Pretty sure that was said in the noclip doco

So being this far out garuntee the game would look like a mess right now just needs more time can't blame them for not showing it

I actually prefer the old strategy of hey that project we have been working on secretly was fallout 4 and it launchs in 3 months. That was the best suprise drop to date

Godmars2901064d ago

You say that, but what's Bethesda's track record for bug-free releases?

And if this is a new game engine, how does that decrease already bad odds?

Rude-ro1064d ago

Well... then have these businesses stop lying to us about the actual products!
When multi billion dollar businesses lie to consumers continuously all for the sake of impulse purchases is absolutely nothing to stand up for.
The reason there is a stigma about the all talk is due to the reality for the last two generations.

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lelo2play1065d ago

The game is set to release 11 November 2022... there is more then enough time to show gameplay later on.

porkChop1065d ago

Bethesda doesn't show gameplay until closer to release dates.