Review: Undermine - Mine, Die, Repeat- Gameluster

Undermine is a funny word, in that it has a very literal meaning, and a metaphorical meaning that has completely overshadowed the literal one.

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Highrevz119d ago

I skipped this game at first because the name made me assume it was like Minecraft or Terraria but it’s nothing like that. The mining aspect is very light and it’s as simple as collecting bits of gold for currency here and there.

The games basically a 2D Zelda dungeon generator and I love that. I was already playing some other rouge tiles but this one has quickly moved to top preference now. I didn’t expect to be getting my Zelda dungeon fix from this game but it’s certainly giving me that vibe.

It looks good and plays good. Co-op would be nice to have but I understand the game wasn’t designed with that in mind.